Cait Dorr RN, FNP-C


Cait is a Health and Wellness Coach, Registered Nurse, Family Nurse Practitioner, wife, mother, outdoor adventurer, and athlete. She has been passionate about health and wellness for years, yet the stress of working in emergency rooms for over a decade was difficult to cope with. Over the years, alcohol became an unhealthy way to numb out work stress. It also held her back from being the mother, wife, and athlete she wanted to be. Happily alcohol-free since June 2022, Cait now specializes in coaching clients that are using alcohol to cope with the traumas of their job. She helps clients to align their ideal vision of health with their daily actions. She brings over 15 years of healthcare knowledge and experience working with patients going through difficult situations. As well as being a Certified TNM Coach, she is also a Duke-Certified Health and Wellness Coach.

Cait lives in the Pacific Northwest with her daughter and husband, who also happen to be her favorite adventure buddies. You’ll often find them outside hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, skiing, and running!


“As a fellow nurse, I felt an immediate connection to/with Cait. Having another nurse that could truly relate to my job-related stressors was both validating and empowering. After my sessions with Cait, I was able to gain a healthier/ positive perspective on my job search concerns. I had taken a year off from nursing post-pandemic, made a decision to go alcohol-free during that time, and had fears and anxiety about being judged by others. I was worried they might feel I hit a “rock bottom”, and I was also worried I wouldn’t get the job. I was overwhelmed and felt stuck. Cait helped me work through my thoughts and change my mindset. I was ultimately able to interview with confidence and hope, and I am so grateful.”

-K.W. Registered Nurse

“I highly recommend Cait as a coach. She has a calm gentle demeanor that makes it easy to feel comfortable talking to her. She has helped me understand some areas where I was stuck on my journey to find freedom from alcohol. She provided strong support and gave good recommendations. An extra bonus is her wealth of information on health.”

– T.M. Teacher