Brandi Michelle


Brandi is a southern girl growing up in Louisiana and Texas. She currently lives in the sunny state of Florida with her husband and her children. She loves the beach, eating healthy, exercise, the Dallas Cowboys, and shopping with her daughters. For more than a decade Brandi burned the candle at both ends working as a corporate medical sales professional Monday through Friday and partying hard on the weekends, with a work hard, play harder mentality. She proclaimed herself to have no “off switch” and wore it like a badge of honor. Her friends nicknamed her Hurricane Brandi and for years thought it was a name to proud of.

She understands firsthand how difficult it is to live alcohol free, especially when you have a marriage that was built from day one around partying, as well as, being surrounded by a large group of friends where every activity was centered around alcohol. At her lowest point she was faced with losing her job, a divorce, and losing custody of her children all due to alcohol.

She has been in the trenches and tried all the traditional methods to get control of her drinking, including inpatient rehab, multiple intensive outpatient programs, and hundreds of 12 step meetings. Before finding This Naked Mind, she had enough white chips to tile a floor! She began the journey of trying to “control” her drinking back in 2014 but it wasn’t until finding This Naked Mind in mid- 2018 that she was truly able to be free from the clutches of alcohol.

Her mission is to help others by using her own experiences so they can know the same freedom she now knows. She doesn’t want others to have to suffer for as long as she did. Brandi provides one-on-one coaching to people wanting to explore their relationship with alcohol, who are curious about sobriety or moderation, and are open to experimenting with a life beyond alcohol.