Brandi Babb


Brandi is a Certified Life Coach who supports people in changing their relationship with alcohol through the discretion of one-on-one coaching. She understands how the stressors of life (corporate career, loss & grief, family), and the need to do it all “perfectly”, can take a toll. How easily alcohol, and other routes like food, can be used as a take-the-edge-off, sweet release. And yet how it turns into a hidden cycle of shame & hopelessness, where every morning starts with a self-promise that “today will be different”. She discovered her own freedom when, after trying multiple tactics to change over the years, she took a leap of faith by taking a break from alcohol at the beginning of 2019 with This Naked Mind. She had no idea that one seemingly little step would empower her so greatly and help her discover that the life she had been searching for was on the other side of alcohol. She supports others to uncover this freedom and realize the power they have to break the cycle and find hope once again.