Bill Masters


Bill’s 40-year relationship with alcohol began when he was around 16. He turned to alcohol because of the trauma he experienced from being bullied at school and living in an emotionally and mentally unstable home. When Bill was growing up, there weren’t any supportive resources for him to explore because there weren’t any resources offered to the gay community. As a young gay adult, there were no mentors or leaders. There was no therapy catering specifically to the needs of gay men. Gay community centers were in their infancy, working diligently to build a support system for a community clearly suffering from society’s ills.

For 40 years Bill suffered from suicidal ideation, negative self-talk, and an uncontrolled pessimism that always kept him down. Every time he reached for the light; he could never hold enough space for it to flourish. Bill was miserable until he found This Naked Mind. His last “Day 1” was December 27, 2021.

Bill isn’t just sober; he found freedom, which is why he’s now a Sobriety Coach. Although mental healthcare has embraced the LGBTQA+ community, they still only know about Alcoholics Anonymous. Bill clearly believes there’s a better way.

Through rigorous honesty, self-exploration, and a willingness to change, freedom from alcohol dependency is possible. Doing the homework, freedom becomes probable. And with time, it becomes actual. Then everything is satisfactual! Ok, maybe not, but you get what he’s saying. 

When one removes that layer of toxicity, caused by alcohol, life is better.

Within his one-on-one coaching, Bill provides a safe, open,  judgment-free space for the LGBTQAI+ community to explore a personal path towards freedom, creating a deep and meaningful relationship with themselves, by changing their relationship with alcohol.

Alcohol-Free As Fuck!