Beth Purcell


Beth is a certified This Naked Mind and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, as well as a Bioenergetics practitioner, single mama, yogi, and lifelong learner. Her passion is helping women, especially those in the health & wellness sector, re-examine their relationship with alcohol, and figure out how they can truly nourish themselves and live a more connected, joy-filled life.

As a wellness professional & yoga studio owner, Beth’s decades’-long, near daily use of alcohol felt completely out of alignment with her livelihood and values. She felt like an imposter, but was fearful that giving it up would prove too difficult, or would doom her to a life of less fun & constant feelings of deprivation. Instead, she found that letting go of alcohol in 2020 was both easier to do, and more transformational than she anticipated, and she’s now commited to helping other women investigate their relationship with alcohol.

Beth guides women toward empowering, lasting change by helping them examine their limiting thoughts & beliefs so that they can step into their full potential, and live from a place of clarity and wholeness, without the need for drinking to excess, overeating, or other habits that keep them stuck and unfulfilled. She offers both individual and group coaching, and truly loves to share all of the tools, tips & resources she has gathered over the years.