Beth Kern


Beth Kern is a personal coach for moms looking to evaluate their relationship with alcohol. Before deciding to stay home to raise her two daughters, Beth worked in the business office of a private boarding school. She viewed alcohol as a reward for a job well done, or as a way to relax after a hard day. This pattern continued as she managed her household. Eventually Beth recognized this and started to question if alcohol was actually helping or hurting her success. Beth started researching the topic and learned as much as possible. Beginning an alcohol free lifestyle in May 2017 ignited a passion for personal development, resulting in the exceptionally rewarding life she leads today. In 2019, she had the opportunity to become a TNM certified coach, and decided this was the perfect way to share her experience with mothers having similar thoughts and provide them tools for positive, lasting change.

Are You Ready For Freedom? 
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Imagine the life you will lead when alcohol is not taking up space in your mind, heart, or thoughts. And it is certainly not negatively affecting your life or health.

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