Barry Condon


Barry is a Brit of Irish descent who has been an expat for over 30 years – in France, Switzerland, and now the Netherlands. Always moving in heavy drinking circles, over-drinking seemed part of normal life. Always high functioning, alcohol didn’t seem like a big problem until, inevitably, it was…

Caught in the limbo between not being able to make lasting change using willpower and not feeling hopeless enough for AA, Barry searched for a 3rd option and thankfully found Annie Grace’s ‘This Naked Mind’ methodology, and discovered the tools to take back control and set himself free from the struggle, back to where alcohol was small and insignificant to him again. He now helps others that find themselves in that same limbo, to find their way back. By debunking alcohol’s many perceived benefits with science and helping clients re-frame its psychological importance until it again becomes the take-it-or-leave-it substance it once was. Barry coaches the type of lasting, regret-free change you feel good about, without the need for willpower.

Barry is coming up on 25 years of marriage (all to the same woman!) and has 2 children in their early 20’s. Wanting to be a better partner and better example as a father were (and still are) huge motivators for Barry. With 20+ years of experience as an IT Exec in the high-pressure, music, and publishing industries, he understands how hard it can be to juggle a successful career, marriage, parenthood, and all the existential questions and pressures that come in midlife. As an expat who has moved around a fair bit, he also understands how alcohol can be the integration tool of choice when starting over in a new location until it eventually becomes the Swiss army knife that we use not only in good times but also to deal with the social anxiety, stress, loneliness and depression that we find so hard to talk about.

Barry offers both 1 to 1 and group programmes. He’s personally passionate about the benefits of clean living – healthy eating, exercise, and Wim Hof type breath work, cold plunge/showers, and meditation – all-natural ways to earn the dopamine and other feel-good hormones that our survival instincts are so motivated by. These natural and hard-earned highs last longer and are without negative consequences and this is why Barry sees them as the antidote to modern culture’s obsession with unearned pleasure spikes and crashes through the consumption of substances and behaviours like alcohol, nicotine, sugar, porn, gambling, shopping, and phone scrolling. Barry loves to educate on these topics via social media but seeing profound change happen firsthand, through coaching is what he loves to do most!