Anna Donaghey


A strategist in the creative industry, Anna has shifted her focus from helping grow businesses and brands, towards helping people design and walk their path to personal growth. As a Naked Mind Coach, she combines her strategic skills, passion for creativity and own life experiences, to bring insight and new possibilities to lives and careers that are being shrunk by limiting beliefs and behaviours.

Alcohol-free herself since December 2020, Anna specialises in dismantling and reshaping beliefs and behaviours around alcohol. She celebrates those of us curious and courageous enough to seek ‘better’ and can personally testify to the wide-open future that we’re rewarded with when we make alcohol small and insignificant. Having herself found incredible clarity and positive energy, she is excited to help equip you with the strategies and tools to explore your true potential and reach new heights.

Anna lives near Bristol in the UK with her husband and two daughters. They forgive her mild Springsteen obsession because they benefit daily from her passion for food and cookery.