Angela Sheridan, RN BSN CPAN


Meet Angela, a certified alcohol freedom and life coach passionate about helping overwhelmed working mothers achieve greater peace and joy in their lives. She specializes in mindfulness practice and places a focus on radical self-care. Angela’s own personal journey of growth and transformation has taught her the importance of radical self-care and the incredible impact it can have on our well-being.

Angela is Scottish originally but now lives in New York. She is an animal lover and has a golden doodle named Sadie, a cat called Oreo, a turtle named Maxi, and 3 goldfish called Walter White, Jesse Pinkman, and Saul 2.0. Her 14-year-old son may have had a hand in choosing the names 😊

As a working mom, Angela understands the unique challenges we all face in balancing our responsibilities and taking care of ourselves at the same time. Despite her successful career as a nurse and active involvement in her community, Angela struggled with feeling overwhelmed and depleted on the inside. She turned to alcohol as a coping mechanism, only to realize that it was actually the cause of her stress and anxiety.

Thankfully, Angela found the courage to make a change and achieved freedom from alcohol in 2022. Since then, she has become a certified This Naked Mind coach and has made it her mission to help others do the same. Angela’s approach is grounded in grace and compassion as she draws from her own experiences to offer practical guidance and support to anyone looking to make positive changes in their life.

If you’re stuck and looking for a way to prioritize your well-being, Angela is here to help. Her message is one of hope and empowerment, and she’s dedicated to helping you find the peace and joy that you deserve. So why not take the first step and let Angela guide you on your own journey of growth and transformation? You’ll be amazed at what you’re capable of achieving with her by your side. 

I had the pleasure of working with Angela one on one when I needed some coaching around a roadblock, I had hit in my journey of becoming alcohol-free. Angela’s demeanor is very intelligent and thoughtful. She has a calm manner that is contagious, and as I spilled everything on my mind, which sounded confusing and raw to my ears, I was always surprised and relieved when she would pierce through the out-pouring and offer me a connection or insight I was totally unaware of. Being coached means you have to open the parts of yourself you are least proud of, and Angela’s integrity, thoughtfulness, and honesty made the experience not only comfortable but so productive. I am so happy I had the chance to have been coached by her.

When Angela and I met for our first coaching session, I was feeling very discouraged, unfocused, frustrated with myself, and exhausted. I felt that I was no longer doing justice to my obligations, but I also wasn’t spending time on personal pursuits that are important to me, such as changing my relationship with alcohol.

Over time I’ve developed some very specific ideas about what my “dream home” and “dream life” there would look and feel like, but the challenges seemed too overwhelming. I’d begun to question the feasibility as well as the importance of making these dreams a reality when my life is already very blessed.
Angela pointed out that it’s okay to want whatever I want, regardless of how it might appear to others. She recommended a few small changes that, if made consistently, could help propel me forward each day. She reminded me to challenge my thoughts about what I “should do” and to withhold judgment of myself as my journey progresses. This first discussion shifted my perspective and really helped set things in motion for me.

I was ready to make some overdue decisions. I’m taking a break from alcohol with a supportive group of friends. Shortly thereafter, I came across an opportunity to live in a lovely home a few miles from my sister. I’m now in the midst of preparing for this major move and even enjoying most of the challenges.

Angela’s insights have been spot-on for me and empowered me to make a surprising amount of progress in less than two months. I feel better than I have for some time, and my sense of personal agency has returned. She’s a very kind, caring, and trustworthy person whose positive (but not unrealistic) attitude I greatly appreciate. I feel very lucky to call Angela my coach.

In our sessions together, Angela was wonderful at putting me at ease, making me feel heard and seen, making me feel safe, and validating my experiences and feelings. She allowed me to be the expert in my own life yet helped me to see that by being trapped in the demands of my future, always trying to think ahead and anticipate the next worst-case scenario, I was preventing myself from living in the present or being willing to accept new thoughts, ideas and the possibility of an alternative future. Angela explained the reasons for my pattern of thinking (just my brain trying to protect me, not because there is something wrong with me!) and has equipped me with practical tools and strategies with which to move away from my learned pattern of catastrophic thinking to a more positive outlook with which I can live in the here and now. This had an immediate impact on my sense of well-being and has benefited both my children and me, and I am learning to apply these skills in all areas of my life and manage those negative emotions when they do arise without a sense of fear. I thoroughly recommend Angela as a transformative coach who with her unconditional positive support will make you feel heard and understood while helping you overcome the obstacles that life is presenting you with, especially those that feel insurmountable. Your journey with Angela will be both enjoyable and rewarding, and the benefits you will experience will have a profound impact on all areas of your life.