Amy Stark


Amy Stark is passionate about assisting middle aged professionals with rediscovering the joys of life free from the clutch of chemicals, particularly alcohol and nicotine. Working up the career ladder in human services from a County Social Worker to a Social Services Supervisor and then Senior Director for a large agency, she is adept at assisting others in the caregiving field. Having put the concern for others over self-care for many years, she realizes how foolhardy that mindset was and now assists others in fitting healthy practices into hectic schedules.

Amy’s greatest joy in life is being a grandma. A smoker and drinker since her teenage years, being blessed with the gift of four beautiful grandkids was a catalyst that made her start rethinking how chemicals showed up in her life. Having started a family at a young age, finding the balance of career and family demands was found through a weekend ritual of partying…work hard, play hard was how she and her husband rolled for waaayyy too long (decades, gulp!).

Amy feels fortunate that years of smoking and drinking didn’t have the destructive consequences she’s observed through her human services work and with loved ones, but knew it would catch up with her eventually. On a path for wellness that started in 2015, she picked up Annie Grace’s book in June 2019 and put the partying to rest, which she describes as, “finally feeling like myself again.”

Amy lives on the beautiful North Shore of Lake Superior with her husband of 28 years. Together they are excited to pursue interests and passions with a new sense of freedom. She enjoys decorating/organizing, word games/puzzles/logic problems, audio books, long walks, bike rides, music, canoeing, meditation and college hockey.

Amy views midlife as a gift and opportunity to be the best you. She uses a person-centered approach to restoring value, meaning and balance in each client’s life.