Amy Melinda McDonnell


Amy Melinda loves working 1:1 with professional women over 50 who recognize that alcohol is the one habit that is holding them back from living vibrantly. 

Amy Melinda values deep, meaningful conversation and has never liked being the center of attention. She has spent the last 25+ years in corporate leadership roles and has learned to navigate that despite a lifelong struggle with shyness. She began using alcohol in her teens as a coping mechanism after the sudden death of her father, and continued to do so off and on until she had a major health scare at the age of 53. She had always led an active and healthy lifestyle, but considered her relationship with alcohol the ‘asterisk’ that was holding her back. Amy Melinda was determined to figure out how to eliminate the constant mental chatter she experienced around her drinking habits once and for all. She turned to books and found William Porter’s “Alcohol Explained” followed by Annie Grace’s “This Naked Mind”. Annie’s approach resonated so deeply with her that she finally believed she could take a break from drinking for more than a couple weeks. She never intended to stop drinking entirely, but after immersing herself in This Naked Mind’s methodology, she lost her desire to drink. 

Now Amy Melinda is certified as a This Naked Mind and Gray Area Drinking coach. She believes that every person has the inner wisdom to take the next right steps for themselves, even when they don’t believe that themselves. Nothing gives Amy Melinda more satisfaction than helping women tap into that inner wisdom, so that they can live a happily unencumbered lifestyle, and do what they want to do, any time that they want to do it. 

Amy Melinda has been alcohol free since December 2018 and currently resides in sunny Southwest Florida with her husband and their attention loving Labradoodle.