Amy Hill


Amy is a lifelong explorer and the founder of “Then, She Went”, a place for sober curious adventures. Through coaching and global travel she educates people on how changing their relationship with alcohol can lead to a much more fulfilling experience of life.

She began her sober journey in late 2020 after realizing the direct connection between alcohol and her spiraling anxiety. Intuitively, she had known for years that there was a link between the two, but she never knew how to change it. As a single, professional, woman living in New York City, every aspect of her life from dating to networking, was steeped in alcohol. Finding “This Naked Mind” was her first step in her journey to learning how to live alcohol free in a world where drinking is seemingly everywhere.

Today she is continually amazed by both her daily peace of mind and the incredible changes she has been able to create in her life. She focuses on working with women in their 30’s and 40’s who have checked all of their boxes professionally and personally, but whose quiet intuition is telling that the alcohol is somehow holding them back from the life they truly want to live.