Amy Leinen Guldner, J.D.


After 25 years of practicing law and far too many years of using alcohol to cope with life (believing the lie that alcohol was her friend and was the glue holding the shit-show together), Amy found true freedom from our wine-soaked culture and has been alcohol-free since July 2020.

Like most people, Amy’s drinking career started out being limited to social occasions, but when her husband was in Iraq on his first combat tour, she discovered the power of a nightly glass of wine that gradually became a nightly bottle. Despite feeling quite disciplined in other areas of her life, she just couldn’t seem to moderate her drinking no matter what rules she tried to put on herself. The effects of alcohol (most of which she wasn’t even aware of) combined with the growing cognitive dissonance of continuing to do what she didn’t want to do were taking a huge toll on her mind, body and relationships. After discovering This Naked Mind, Amy was finally able to break out of the prison where alcohol was consuming her, and she knew right away that she wanted to help others experience the same life-changing freedom. She then founded Reframing Alcohol and is now the head coach at Euphoric AF.

Amy loves to coach disciplined, high-achievers who know that being “functional” isn’t enough and are struggling to drink less or stop drinking. She knows first hand how powerful the nasty inner critic is when it comes to sabotaging efforts to make any positive change, and she wants to share the game-changing mindset and effective tools that helped her with other growth-oriented people seeking to become the best versions of themselves. As Ram Daas said, “we are all just walking each other home” and she is honored to help others find their way home as quickly as possible and with the utmost confidentiality.

Amy has been married to the most fascinating man for over 20 years and is the mom to 2 challenging teenagers and 3 awesome dogs. She enjoys power-walking, lifting weights, meditation, reading, visiting family in her beloved home state of Iowa, exploring national parks and chasing waterfalls.