Amy Edwards


Amy started her relationship with alcohol like many children of the 70s and 80s. Experimentation in high school, partied in college and through her twenties too, developing what she thought was a “sophisticated” or “normal” relationship with wine and craft beers for close to 20 years. In her mid-forties, Amy started turning to her glass of pinot grigio to relieve the stresses of family and work. This is when the cycle of anxiety- drink-shame & guilt – drink and repeat started. As a Christian, the shame and guilt of this cycle was almost unbearable at times.

On March 24, 2020, she had her last drinks with neighbors. Amy woke up again in the middle of night feeling horrible and asked, “God please help me with this!” Scrolling through her social media feed she saw another online program for an alcohol reset and took this as the answer to her prayer and signed up. This program introduced her to Annie Grace’s “This Naked Mind” and started Amy on a path of re-examining all her beliefs around alcohol. At almost a year alcohol free, Amy decided to apply to become a TNM Certified Coach. She was accepted into the program and decided to take a chance on the possibility of something more – a life helping other women realize they are not alone and that they CAN have a life of freedom and joy on the other side without their nightly habit of wine.

As TNM Certified Coach, Amy will focus on helping woman who are in that transition phase of life, who want to create a reimagined second act. Women who don’t feel well physically and/or mentally and who are questioning their drinking habits. By using TNM’s grace, compassion, and judgement free methodology to help them let go of past beliefs and create lasting change in their lives. Amy knows what it’s like to be stuck and meets her clients right where they are on their journey. Giving them a supportive environment to learn about their beliefs around alcohol, breaking down barriers and moving them forward by making alcohol small and insignificant in their lives.

Amy is married to her biggest supporter, Matt, and they live in Central Illinois. They have two children who are in the process of launching into adulthood. Plus, they have two Corgi’s. Amy co-hosts Matt’s Redboy Podcast that morphed into the Redboy Vlogcast. She is a big supporter of small business and works for her in-laws printing company. She also volunteers at her church, local Chamber of Commerce, and her kids’ school activities. Amy also has a passion for women and children who are victims of sexual exploitation and volunteers for a local charity that is working to help survivors of human and sex trafficking.