Amber Glover


Amber was born and raised in New Zealand and now resides in Perth, Australia. After a varied working life that involved years-long stints living in other countries, Amber changed her own relationship with alcohol with This Naked Mind. After experiencing the positive transformation that occurred in her own life, she decided to pursue her passion and help others find freedom from alcohol.

 The one thing that kept Amber stuck for so long was she valued her privacy, especially when it came to being open with her drinking, so instead of taking advantage of the online communities and coaches, she retreated, because she could never be certain that her information would be kept private or safe during such a vulnerable time. Now Amber helps others change their relationship with alcohol in private and secure surroundings removing the obstacles that kept her stuck for so long. Working with people on secure end-to-end encryption services that cannot be read, listened in to, or, recorded allows people to have the space to share freely and find freedom.


“When I first spoke with Coach Amber I could immediately tell she was passionate about helping people. Once we began our work together, her compassion was backed up by truly helpful and insightful coaching. She helped me see the problem that was right in front of my face yet invisible to me. Not only that but Amber helped me come up with actionable “tactics” to make a change! Thank you Amber VERY much for your help. It’s been truly game-changing for me.”
– Rich, CO, USA

“Amber has a gift for helping people get to the heart of their issues with grace and compassion.  Her patience and guidance have had a tremendously positive impact on my life.”
– Lisa, MN, USA

“Amber’s warmth, non-judgmental approach, and engaging manner really helped me in our coaching sessions.  I connected with her straight away and noticed how keenly she observed, listened, and allowed space for me to share.  Knowing she had experienced similar challenges in her own alcohol freedom journey was reassuring and inspiring.  I enjoyed talking to her and was impressed by her knowledge and how well-equipped she was with tactics to help me unpack my thoughts and beliefs, whilst developing goals to achieve. She identified with me well, and I would recommend her to anyone seeking a life of freedom.”
– Kate, ON, Canada