Amanda Foster, ALPC


Amanda lives in the UK and is a massive Sci-Fi and PC Gaming geek. There is nothing she loves more than a decent session on World of Warcraft, or Eve Online, or watching the latest Dr Who, Star Trek, or Star Wars series. Her niche is those who use their drinking to hide from reality, stress, or even grief. Previously a heavy drinker herself, she would use alcohol and gaming to disappear from the real world whenever it got tough, but then she found complete freedom using the This Naked Mind methodology, which she discovered in 2019. After attempts at moderation, she found she found it much easier to go completely alcohol-free in 2020 and has never looked back since. Now she wants nothing more than to pay it forward and help fellow geeks out of the same loop she was stuck in for decades. She specialises in alcohol freedom coaching, making alcohol small and irrelevant and showing them how to live their best lives ever.

Amanda has such an engaging personality that it’s a pleasure to talk to her. She gave me the space to explore my issues and asks just the right questions to make me think differently and move me on. She has really helped me to deal with issues that have been troubling me for years. – Paul