Amanda Byrd


Amanda knew her daily wine habit was in her way of living her life full-out.  Since she was completely functional as a mom and business owner, it didn’t appear on the outside that there was a problem, yet, inside, the truth was clear.  She felt powerless to make the change, to let go of the daily liquid “friend” who drove her restaurant decisions and inspired otherwise unnecessary trips to the grocery store. In early 2021 Amanda heard Annie Grace’s words in an interview with Dan Harris on the Ten Percent Happier podcast: “I drink as much as I want to whenever I want to, and for over six years now I simply don’t want to,” and her heart leapt with hope.  Hope that it could be possible to not even want alcohol.

The bottom line is that Amanda was using alcohol to numb out, “I’m not good enough.” 

Fast forward to today: happily alcohol-free since September 27 2021 thanks to the This Naked Mind method, Amanda is passionate about supporting other moms finding freedom from wanting alcohol. Her wellness coaching service exists to support her clients remembering their inherent worthiness, in and amongst the messiness of everyday life and society’s pressures to feel good all the time or fix it.  She is on this path right along with her clients, practicing remembering each day that whole-hearted living means accepting the shadows along with the light. “It is ok to feel this.  All of who I am is ok.”

Having moved her son to college in September 2022, Amanda lives in Seattle with her husband of seven years, one dog, one cat, and eight chickens.  Her world consists of serving coaching clients, running the behind-the-scenes operations of the construction business she and her husband own, walking in the woods more days a week than not, and spending time with family and close friends. She creates weekly quiet moments to knit.  Sometimes weeds in the yard get pulled.  Singing is imperative.  Myriad spiritual practices return her attention to her belief that we are all connected through a unifying Energy which goes by many names.  She expands her ever-evolving personal growth with reading, listening to podcasts and working with her own coach.

Amanda holds a non-judgmental space for her clients to feel whatever they are feeling.  Clients are encouraged to apply compassion to themselves, and claim agency in their lives.