Aly Bell


Aly Bell is an Alcohol & Mindset Coach. She’s a young mom to a sweet little girl named Eddie, and lives in a small town in Ontario, Canada. As many other moms do, Aly’s priorities changed once Eddie was born. She knew she couldn’t go back to her corporate job and also needed to change her relationship with alcohol.

Working almost a decade in corporate, drinking too much and just “not feeling right”, Aly made the decision to hire a TNM alcohol coach. After reading the book This Naked Mind and working with her coach, Wendy, she became alcohol free and hasn’t looked back ever since! Aly has been alcohol-free since November 15, 2021. A lot has changed for the better in Aly’s life now that she’s alcohol-free, as things typically do when you change your relationship with alcohol.

After quitting her corporate job, just a few months prior to her maternity leave expiring, she took a leap of faith to start her own coaching business. Aly is now a TNM certified coach and is so excited to help other women change their relationship with alcohol and work towards creating the fulfilling lives they deserve and desire. Being a young mom to a one year old, Aly is currently in the trenches and can relate to the daily challenges moms face – including the societal pressures of “mommy-wine” culture.

Aly is loving the new life she has worked so hard for and is so excited to help other women and mom’s create a life they love too!