Allison Schwent


Allison excelled as a D1 collegiate gymnast. The relentless hard work & pressure to succeed along with her personal Christian faith provided a sense of purpose and peace.

After graduating, new freedom gave rise to increased drinking. She married her high school sweetheart at age 30 followed by 3 (now teen) girls. Along with morning workouts & Bible study, her days were punctuated with chardonnay to manage stress & reward her hard work.

Eventually this comforting liquid began tightening its grip around her. How did all her well planned efforts to cut back, her reliable hard work and her constant prayer seem to fail her?

Finally, she found alcohol freedom in June of 2020 and became a TNM coach. Her passion is to come alongside other performance driven people of faith who desire to be unchained. By providing grace-filled space to explore their own thoughts & beliefs, they too can experience life-giving freedom, from The Inside Out.