Adam Boucher


Adam has helped hundreds of people regain their ability to move and function with his physical therapy and has learned to apply this ability to build trust, teach, and empower others with his coaching. Adam tragically lost his brother-in-law, Aunt, Grandfather, and now two uncles to alcohol abuse among many friends and is determined that others can avoid the same loss. 

Adam chose to stop drinking on July 9, 2017 and completed the Alcohol Experiment in December of 2017. Adam is grateful for the opportunity to continue supporting others to find freedom in their lives. He has a strong 6-year-old boy and a brilliant, supportive wife. They enjoy raising chickens, gardening, mountain biking, and hiking with dogs, and are supportive members of the community. 

Adam’s goal is to support others to embrace all that life has to offer and escape the clutches of old antiquated habits and programming that no longer serve them. Focused on supporting parents with young children to enjoy the miracles of parenthood, Adam helps others to see the beauty that surrounds them and change their self-limiting habits.