Have you ever thought to yourself – “Maybe it’s time to change my drinking habits?” April went from thinking about it to living a naked life – free of alcohol.

changing my drinking

The Cycle

It’s been 6 weeks since I finished your audio book. I had been wanting to change my relationship with alcohol for a long time – years. What I wanted to change was my drinking at home alone. I went through the cycles you document, of drinking heavily, then vowing not to drink, then drinking as much or more. Like you, I was up to two bottles of wine per night. I had many crummy morning-afters and lost days as a result. I knew I was harming my body – I had had a liver function test that showed elevations consistent with heavy alcohol consumption. Though I had cut down after those results, my use quickly went back up.

Not Ready

I first learned of your work about 6 months ago. It frightened me. I couldn’t imagine how I would cope with my boredom and loneliness in the evenings without alcohol. Despite having many good friends and close family, I have lived alone for many years. At night, when the day’s activities were over, I would struggle emotionally. Alcohol would get me through that tough time, or so I thought, only to wake up feeling lousy and disgusted with myself and vow to not repeat it again. I might keep my vow for one night, but not more.


What pushed me to examine your work was one morning, after a bender, when I came into the kitchen and saw that there was an empty 6 pack of beer in addition to the 2 empty bottles of wine. Then I remembered that I had driven to the liquor store at some point during the evening, to pick up the beer. I was horrified. Never before had I taken such a flagrant risk. I knew I had to do something before I hit a bottom lower than any I had felt before. There was no question that the time for changing my drinking had come.

Getting Naked

I went to Amazon and previewed your book, reading the initial chapters available for free. What I read intrigued me and some of my fear of what it was going to take to change my drinking habits alleviated. I’ve done a fair amount of research on neuroplasticity, but I had not encountered the concept of changing behavior by using the conscious mind to directly engage the subconscious. I purchased your book and downloaded the audio version.

Start Reading

If you’re thinking it’s time for changing my drinking like April did, you can also preview the book. Start reading This Naked Mind today!

Diving In

I decided I didn’t have time to wait for the book to arrive, so I opened the audio version and listened to the first 2 or 3 chapters. That was all it took. I agreed with what you were saying, that alcohol took more from me that it ever gave. While I had turned to it for relief, it had actually made my life worse. Moreover, I understand that my subconscious was following my internal dialogue as I listened to your book, and that it recognized the truth of what you were saying. Suddenly I knew that my struggle with drinking would be over and without any struggle.

It Was Easy

Truly, after a short dive into your material, I gave up drinking at home alone. Initially, I did feel a few impulses to go out and buy some wine. Somewhat to my surprise, it was usually when I was happy or excited about something, but I just reminded myself that doing so always made my life worse in the end. Within a week, I didn’t have those thoughts anymore. That was 6 weeks ago.

Changing My Drinking

I have never made such a significant change so easily. I have been drinking daily, alone at home, for more than 20 years. That ended, easily and without stress. I never think about getting a bottle of wine to bring home anymore.

I know about major personal transformations. In the last 14 months, I’ve lost about 65 pounds, and radically changed how I eat. That took a lot of willpower and a whole program. By contrast, changing my drinking habit of 20+ years was quick and easy. I never expected that. It’s a miracle, really.

One Day

I still consume alcohol, but only socially. Social drinking is not an area of concern for me. Maybe one day I will decide to change that too, but for now I am very happy with the place I am at.

Thank you for the work you have done and are doing, and for showing others a way to reclaim their lives. For a drinker, drinking seems like a behavior that is almost impossible to change. At least for me, a 20+ year habit evaporated almost instantaneously when I used your approach and gave my subconscious a new set of beliefs.

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