It’s funny how we spend our childhood celebrating every victory – large and small. From rolling over and cutting a tooth to getting your first job and finally graduating, they’re all notable milestones. Yet as adults, we forget to make time to stop and celebrate your victories. That one change can determine all of your future success.

celebrate your victories

1) Write Them Down

Write down everything you accomplish and everything you’re proud of every day. Get a dry erase board, use your mirror – just make sure it’s visible and gets noticed. Yes, it sounds cheesy, but good begets good. So the more positivity you infuse into your day when you stop and celebrate your victories, the more positivity you’re creating. Maybe someone else will think it’s silly that you’re proud your recycling bin is full of sparkling water cans, but who cares? This is your victory – not theirs!

2) Reward Yourself

When you want to stop and celebrate your victories, you want to reward yourself. That can be hard for some of us. I personally am a “justifier”. The longer I spend in a store, the less I buy because I try to justify in my mind whether I truly need the item. Suddenly, I’m walking out empty handed. Don’t be a justify-er. Slap a list of rewards on that white board and treat yourself to them as you rack up the victories. A reward doesn’t have to be purchased. Some of my rewards have been – taking a nap, having breakfast with a friend or spending the day reading. Reward yourself with the things that fulfill you!

3) Nothing Is Too Small To Celebrate

You’re taking on an enormous task. Reshaping and rewiring how your brain works entirely. Stop thinking that you can’t stop and celebrate your victories until you hit certain milestones. It doesn’t need to be 30, 60 or 90 days before you celebrate. Made it through Day 1 and you feel great? Celebrate! Turned down that party invite because you didn’t want to be tempted! You rock! Changed a belief you had around alcohol? You have every right to be proud. No one gets to define what your victories are but you!

Stop and Celebrate Your Victories

I truly believe that one of the reasons we drink is because somewhere along the way, we forget to stop and celebrate our victories. We get so caught up in the stress and pressure that life brings us, that all of the good gets lost in the shuffle. We all have accomplishments – great and small – that are worthy of praise. Be your own cheerleader and allow yourself to build upon each victory. What is small today could be a huge turning point tomorrow!

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