EP 42: Reader Question – How Do You Pull Yourself Out of the Guilt Around Drinking?

When we start to experience the hyper awareness about our relationship with alcohol, we often experience a crippling sense of guilt. Annie discusses this topic with great information about Cognitive Dissonance as well as a message of hope [...]

EP 40: Reader Question – How Do I Maintain My Determination When The Horrors Of Drinking Fade?

After any period of success with not drinking, it can be easy to forget how bad things were at our worst and only remember the good times. Annie details the “experiment” she did for this exact reason and [...]

EP 36: Reader Question – Cravings & Triggers: What Exactly Are They And How Do You Deal With Them?

What are cravings and triggers and how can we get over them? Annie explains how cravings and triggers work and then provides great insight into how we can work through them by mindfully paying attention to them rather [...]

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