EP 182: Reader Question – Since I stopped drinking I noticed my friends drinking less. Is this normal?

Is it pure coincidence that my friends have been drinking less ever since I stopped drinking? Annie addresses this interesting social phenomenon and gives us startling statistics surrounding social habits that may help explain this “coincidence”. Find out [...]

EP 178: Reader Question – If I’m not drinking do I just need to stay out of the pub full stop?

Anxiety is something that many of us struggle with and when it comes to socializing without our crutch of alcohol, the temptation to drink can become overwhelming. How can we overcome this? Should we just stop socialize altogether? [...]

EP 162: Reader Question – Why does alcohol get a free pass in society when it is so dangerous?

Have you ever wondered if alcohol is as dangerous as some say it is? And if so, then why does our society support it so much? Annie Grace shares facts and statistics that may or may not surprise [...]