EP 230: Reader Question – Why do people drink after a workout? When they are feeling great?

Does it seem strange to you that there’s a cultural trend toward drinking alcohol after a great workout? Why would anyone do this when they’re feeling so great? Annie educates us on how alcohol affects us differently after [...]

EP 224: Reader Question – How do you mend the relationships you hurt while you were drinking?

So many of us have hurt the ones we love because of drinking. What’s the best way to go about trying to restore those relationships now that we’ve kicked alcohol to the curb? And how do I mentally [...]

EP 218: Reader Question – I know I want to drink less but my husband NEVER comments on it – ever (despite my being obviously drunk multiple times!). Why is this!?

It’s not like we all need someone to tell us that we’re drinking too much – we already know! But when it’s so obvious that we should probably cut back, why doesn’t anyone say anything? Listen in as [...]

EP 216: Reader Question – How do I deal with people being uncomfortable with my not drinking?

There’s no denying that there’s an awkward tension in the room when we’re the only ones not drinking – especially when we’re newly alcohol free. So, how do we deal with this? Annie tells us not only HOW [...]

EP 214: Reader Question – Why is alcohol considered a depressant but it seems like drinking makes me happy?

If alcohol is a depressant, why do I feel happy when I’m drinking? And why would anyone drink if it’s a depressant? Annie explains the science behind this great question, including what happens to our blood alcohol levels [...]

EP 206: Reader Question – I’m entertaining and alcohol free. Do I need to provide booze for guests?

What’s the best way to be a good host if we are living alcohol free? Is it necessary to still provide alcoholic beverages to our guests? Or maybe it’s best to just exempt ourselves from hosting altogether? Annie [...]

EP 196: Reader Question – I’ve used wine to numb physical pain – now without it my quality of life is way down. What can I do?

Pain….whether it’s physical or emotional, many of us have used alcohol to cover up the pain. But what happens when we are able to kick our bad drinking habits, but the pain remains. While we know that it’s [...]