EP 162: Reader Question – Why does alcohol get a free pass in society when it is so dangerous?

Have you ever wondered if alcohol is as dangerous as some say it is? And if so, then why does our society support it so much? Annie Grace shares facts and statistics that may or may not surprise [...]

EP 154: Reader Question – Why am I having sugar cravings during a break from alcohol? Annie Grace answers.

Is it odd to miss something we never really had? When sugar isn’t something that we really had a lot of BEFORE quitting alcohol, then why the insane craving AFTER quitting? Annie leads us to an understanding of [...]

EP 143: Coaching Questions: Introducing Head Naked Mind Coach Scott Pinyard

Today, Annie introduces This Naked Mind’s head coach, Scott Pinyard. Scott will be hosting a monthly podcast called ‘Coaching Questions’, where he will answer some of the difficult, intense questions surrounding quitting drinking. Get to know Scott and [...]

EP 140: Reader Question – After a while not drinking, when I drink again I feel so much worse than before. Why is this?

I don’t drink nearly the amount I used to, but when I do – I now get the worst hangovers. Is this normal? Annie explains that YES, this is normal and tells us why. She educates us on [...]