EP 140: Reader Question – After a while not drinking, when I drink again I feel so much worse than before. Why is this?

I don’t drink nearly the amount I used to, but when I do – I now get the worst hangovers. Is this normal? Annie explains that YES, this is normal and tells us why. She educates us on [...]

EP 136: Reader Question – Do you have to figure out all the stuff inside you before you can heal?

Do I need to go back and relive what caused me to start drinking in the first place in order to fully heal? Annie Grace answers this question using research and study findings to help answer this question. [...]

EP 135: The Pitfalls of 30 Day Alcohol Free Challenges with Annie Grace and Scott Pinyard

Annie Grace sits down with Scott Pinyard, This Naked Mind’s head coach, to discuss tips and topics that will help you be successful with a 30-day break from alcohol – The Alcohol Experiment! Annie and Scott will walk [...]

EP 124: Reader Question – I stopped drinking and my husband has no intention of stopping. How do I deal?

Should it bother us if we’ve quit drinking but our spouse hasn’t? And should we force our newfound lifestyle on others? Annie Grace calls on a friend and early reader to help shed some light on this question. [...]

EP 114: Reader Question: Reader Question – How do I handle my social anxiety without alcohol?

Why do I feel more anxiety about socializing when I know I won’t be drinking? Is it best to just avoid going out altogether? Annie Grace unpacks several tips for helping us deal with this common problem. Find [...]

EP 110: Reader Question – I stopped drinking alcohol but now I binge on Netflix and ice cream. What’s the deal?

How do we avoid trading one addiction for another? Is it always a bad thing to replace our focus on alcohol to something new? Join us as Annie shares her advice on this issue and some of the [...]