These women say their careers took off after going sober. Here’s why.

Since the pandemic started, women have increased heavy drinking by at least 41 percent. Three professionals weigh in what prompted them to give it up for good and what happened to their careers after going sober.

Women and Alcohol

American alcohol consumption dramatically increased as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, and women increased their episodes of heavy drinking (consuming four or more drinks within a couple of hours) by 41 percent.

Moreover, alcohol has a greater effect on women’s bodies than on men’s. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, biological differences in body structure and chemistry cause women to absorb more alcohol and take longer to metabolize it, leading to more longer-term health effects than their male counterparts.

Annie Grace

By the time she was 35 years old, Annie Grace was a global marketing executive responsible for 28 countries and traveling internationally twice a month. She was also drinking almost two bottles of wine a night.

Determined to change her habit, Grace spent a year researching and changing her desire for alcohol, finally taking her last drink in 2015. When she shared a PDF of her research efforts online, over 20,000 people downloaded it in two weeks. As a result, Grace left the corporate world. She wrote two books (“This Naked Mind: Control Alcohol” and “The Alcohol Experiment”), and started a company that helps people examine the role that alcohol plays in their lives.

Better Careers After Going Sober

Grace noticed that the people who decreased their alcohol intake said they were more energized and focused at work. Sometimes they took a deeper interest in their career. Other times, they found clarity to shift gears and move on to an industry or position better suited to their strengths. Grace pointed out that it’s much easier to stick with an unsatisfying job if you are “numbing” your discomfort with alcohol at the end of the day. Eliminating alcohol can help you figure out the type of work you really want to pursue.

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