Sometimes breaking up is hard to do. It leaves you feeling distraught and discouraged. Other times, though, break up feels amazing. It’s like you’re finally free of what has been dragging you down for so long. When you’re breaking up with alcohol, it’s definitely a case of it’s not me, it’s you!

breaking up with alcohol

You Can’t Trust Alcohol

There is really only one thing you can trust the booze to do and that is let you down. When you want it to lift you up, it drags you down. When you tell it not tonight, it insists on just one or two. Breaking up with alcohol really is inevitable when you just can’t believe any of the promises it gives you. Health, happiness, a fun time – it’s all just lies when it comes to you and booze.

Alcohol Won’t Love You Back

One of the best reasons for breaking up with alcohol is that it’s a one-sided relationship. You might think you love booze, but it will never love you back. It will take everything it wants from you, make unreasonable demands and monopolize your life, but it has no feelings for you whatsoever. It’s always been about alcohol and it always will be. Alcohol doesn’t make a fulfilling partner.

Communication Killer

Communication is supposed to be the key to any successful relationship. That’s hard to do with alcohol since whenever you hang out together you end up with slurred words, mumbled responses, and lots of moments you can’t remember. In fact, breaking up with alcohol is sometimes hard to do because it just won’t listen to you. It’s one of the few times where it’s better not to break up face to face. Ghosting alcohol is perfectly acceptable when it’s time to end the relationship.

Breaking Up With Alcohol

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It’s All About Alcohol

A relationship with alcohol is just exhausting. It’s like constantly dealing with a whiny toddler. Alcohol wants your attention all of the time yet ignores you when you need to discuss your needs that aren’t being met. The more the relationship breaks down, the more attention alcohol wants from you. Pretty soon, you no longer have time for anyone or anything else.


Breaking up with alcohol feels freeing because alcohol has no respect for you. The things it encourages you to say and do are proof positive of that. Alcohol has us act in ways that are so out of character that it’s easy to feel as if we lost ourselves to alcohol. Healthy relationships are based upon mutual respect and a desire to make each other better versions of ourselves. Alcohol has no desire to do that for you.

The End Is A Beginning

Ending a toxic or abusive relationship doesn’t feel traumatic. It is exhilarating and cathartic. Breaking up with alcohol is the start of your freedom. Freedom to find yourself again. To claim happiness for yourself. To feel love from others. It’s about learning to love yourself and respect yourself. Go ahead and write that break up letter. You deserve better!