Branding Shoot for Annie Grace – This Naked Mind | Colorado, Fall 2020

“The 4 qualities of a great career:
1) I enjoy it
2) I’m good at it
3) I make good money
4) I’m around fascinating people”
– James Clear

Branding Shoot

This newsletter content hit my inbox the day I returned from Colorado for Annie Grace’s branding and content shoot. It struck me that everything about what I do answers these questions…now thanks to Annie herself and a few others. I have been following Annie Grace for 19 months since the first time I photographed her in San Diego for Think Better, Live Better 2019 with Marc and Angel Hack Life. Ever since, I admire how she, Marc and Angel, and many of the other speakers fulfill these qualities of a great career listed by James Clear with their passions in life and have inspired me to do the same….by photographing THEM.

Meeting Annie

Back in February 2019 I shot the event previously mentioned called Think Better, Live Better for New York Times best-selling authors, Marc and Angel Chernoff. During the event I offered mini headshots sessions for the speakers mainly because I wanted the opportunity to meet them “up close.” These people are big names in the world of self-improvement…right down my alley. Annie Grace was one of a handful of the speakers to take me up on the offer for headshots.

Discovering This Naked Mind

Wanting to be prepared, I read as many of their books as possible before the event. I only had a month so I had to choose which author’s books to read. Since cutting back on drinking (mainly because of my ever-desperate drive to control my weight) was on my list of resolutions for the year, I decided to pick up Annie Grace’s book This Naked Mind all about controlling alcohol in your life. The second part of the title: Find Freedom, Discover Happiness & Change Your Life also made my ears perk up…this was perfect for me.

Start Reading

How does a photographer go from doing a branding shoot to living alcohol free from reading a book? Start reading This Naked Mind for free and discover the answer!

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