Allyson longed for the day she was no longer bound by alcohol. With the help of This Naked Mind that day has come!
bound by alcohol

My Story

Drinking is so engrained in British culture, there’s a pub on every corner and it’s normal for families to hang out getting drunk whilst the kids run around screaming and having fun! The culture is bound by alcohol. I began drinking at the age of 14 when my older sisters got me a fake id to get into the local pubs.

What a fun atmosphere, people having fun drinking and smoking and loud music playing! I loved it and quickly got hooked to going several times a week!

It was guaranteed I’d be at the pubs every Friday and Saturday night, I hated missing a good night out. I had the worst hangovers with headaches that lasted for days but that didn’t stop me. This went on for years and many times I would skip work as I was too hung over. Or I would go into work with a hangover and wouldn’t be able to get any work done. In fact I’d be struggling to have a conversation with my colleagues.

I ended up working in pubs to help pay for my habit and would get drinks paid for as I worked.

By the end of my shift I would be drunk but no one seemed bothered by it.

Clean Up Job

In my twenties I tried to clean my act up. While travelling I would always end up drinking and doing things I would regret, go home with strangers, upset my friends as I would leave them stranded at a pub to go home with a guy! Always waking up with such regret and losing many friendships over the years due to poor choices I made when I drank. At points I would have it under control, only drinking one or two beers a night. Yet when I felt nervous or uncomfortable in social situations my intake would increase to ease my nerves.

Commitment To A Better Life

In 2005 I committed my life to follow Jesus and for a while this focus helped me and gave me direction. I worked at limiting my alcohol intake to a couple of times a week. In 2016, my marriage broke down and we separated. Quickly I turned to having several beers a night. I began partying and hanging out with drinkers. Finding relief that I could finally let go and have some fun. I would crave and look forward to going to the pub to escape everything I was dealing with.

Bound By Alcohol

For the last 3 years I have been battling the double minded feelings I was having. On one hand I felt I needed drink to enjoy social interactions; it was my way to relax and unwind and to enjoy myself. But in my professional life I was trying to influence and support people with trauma and addictions! I was being a hypocrite! Still I didn’t think I had a problem with drink, I could take it or leave it I thought. Then the next weekend would come around and I would get completely drunk again. By this point I was enjoying harder liquor and many evenings I would forget what had happened. To overcome the hangover I would have hair of the dog. I’d continue drinking all weekend until I was completely exhausted, drained, depressed and disappointed in myself. Then going to work on Monday working in a Christian organization with prison inmates, living a double life! What shame I felt. Deep down I knew I was bound by alcohol.

Breaking Point

My breaking point was recently going away with my boyfriend to Mexico. There I drank the majority of the trip and had some awful hangovers! I ‘d say to myself that I wouldn’t drink that day but by noon I was back on the cocktails and later in the day the tequilas. Booze was unlimited and there were no children around so why not?! I felt so unwell, tired, depressed by the end of the trip I knew I had to do things differently.

Reaching Out

On my return I reached out to my friend who was going to AA. I asked her how she was doing and she said she never felt better and feeling so much more confident. I felt jealous! In confidence, I told her that I had a wake up call after my trip and wanted to go to AA with her. She was so encouraging and sweet with me. Her suggestion was I listen to This Naked Mind, in the meantime. She said it was great as it dealt with the sub conscious conditioning of alcohol!

Start Reading

Do you feel bound by alcohol? Start reading This Naked Mind for free today and break those chains!


I loved the sound of it and felt a jump of hope and excitement! At 25, I had read Allan Carr’s book to stop smoking and haven’t desired or craved a cigarette in 18 years since! So I downloaded the book immediately and began listening to Annie. I loved it and was so excited and open minded to hearing everything she had to say.

Within 1 week I had listened to all the 20 plus chapters and I have had no desire or craving to want to drink.

At the beginning I knew the only option was to live sober.  Yet also knowing I needed the help to break the conditioning. This audio does that completely! I will have moments of temptation, but I will be aware and work through them as they arise as Annie recommends. I just know I can do this! Its been 2 weeks and I have been doing really well. I feel hope, a new confidence and my double mindedness has stopped. What a relief that I have freedom to live free of alcohol in my life. For the first time I can be happy without it! I also feel so much closer to God. Now that I’m not bound by alcohol I am excited to see what opens up for me.

Thank You

Thank you, Annie, for taking the time to do the research and to put this book together to help others. Personally I have already recommended the audio to a friend and she has started it. You covered every question, every fear I could possibly have and I thank God that your audio came into my pathway. I have so much to do in this life and alcohol just holds me back. It has poisoned my body and caused me so much heartache and pain. Stripped me of my dignity and hope over and over again – NO MORE!! Alcohol is not my friend it is my enemy. I pray all eyes and hearts are opened to the deception and lies of alcohol. I hope I can be a non-judgmental encouragement to those around me that are struggling.

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