Many of us are finding ourselves stuck indoors with nothing to do during this unique and challenging time. Don’t reach for the bottle when you’re bored. Try something off our list of boredom busters instead!

Crafty Boredom Busters

What better time than now to get crafty and see what you can create?

Learn to knit or crochet
Create a no sew T-shirt quilt
Take an online painting class
Redecorate using items in your home
Make a scrapbook
Make paper models
Adult coloring pages

Tasty Boredom Busters

We all like to eat when we’re bored! Try some of these tasty ideas before you sit down to eat.

Bake cookies
Pickle something
Bake bread
Take an online cooking class
Invent mocktails
Make kettle corn
Create a recipe using a pantry challenge

Relaxing Boredom Busters

A little R&R can help you find peace and rejuvenate yourself!

Make bath scrubs
Read a book – check if your library offers online books or go ahead and download the first 40 pages of This Naked Mind for free right now!

Take a bath
Update your playlists
Take a nap

Practical Boredom Busters

It might not be fun but these times can be used for getting practical things crossed off your list as well.

Clear out your mailboxes – both in real life and online
Clean the house
Create your budget
Clean your car out
Clean the fridge

Unique Boredom Busters

Tired of the same old and want to try something different?

Create a photo book or collage of your favorite pictures.
Make your own postcards and send them via snail mail
Write your memoir
Make a bucket list
Write yourself a letter to your future me
Write future letters to your kids or loved ones
Start a blog
Research your family tree
Join an online group and start connecting with others around the world

Physical Boredom Busters

Get moving and get out of your funk by searching on YouTube for your next great workout. A few search ideas are –

HIIT workouts
Tai Chi
Tae Kwon Do

Tried and True Boredom Busters

Finally, you can’t go wrong by picking any if these time honored ways of killing time.

Do a puzzle
Take a college class
Do a crossword puzzle
Play a board game
Have a movie marathon
Play video games
Look up old friends