Want to boost your productivity and peace of mind? Get curious about your alcohol consumption.

Want to uncover the secret to boost your productivity and feel more at peace! Read on!

A hack to boost your productivity

I have a hack for better productivity, less anxiety, more energy, and peace of mind: Get curious about your alcohol consumption. I did. Now I sleep better, have less anxiety and more energy, and my productivity has skyrocketed. I am getting my master’s degree, pursuing new hobbies, and feeling mentally and emotionally healthier. Productivity and peace of mind are clean-burning fuel for entrepreneurial types.

When I examined my consumption with a compassionate, critical eye, I went from being sober-curious to quitting drinking altogether. Ultimately, I didn’t want to wake up another day even a little foggy. It wasn’t worth it anymore. But you don’t have to quit altogether; cutting back also provides big mental and physical benefits. And it’s much easier than you think.

“I felt like I was in a bad relationship”

Let’s clear one thing up. I can drink, I just have no desire to drink. That’s something I never thought I’d say. Wine was a big part of my life. Sometimes too big. Although I was a “moderate” drinker by society’s standards, I sensed something wasn’t right. It felt like a dysfunctional relationship. It was an unhelpful helper. A wrecker of sleep. Anxiety increaser. Productivity thief.

Meanwhile, I thought it was the elixir of life. What a conundrum. A powerful little book changed all that.

This Naked Mind is a book that has helped thousands of people like me build a better relationship with alcohol. It’s not an anti-alcohol book. Rather, it’s pro-health and pro-science. Through science-backed philosophies, author Annie Grace helps readers get curious and explore their relationship with alcohol, addressing the reasons behind why we drink. Some readers quit drinking altogether, while others learn to cut back and become more mindful drinkers. Either way, it’s like a magic trick.

Arlan Hamilton

Entrepreneur and venture capitalist phenom Arlan Hamilton knew something was holding her back. She was making a tremendous impact on the startup ecosystem and building a venture capital fund from the ground up. But alcohol was holding her prisoner. This Naked Mind helped set her free, making alcohol small and irrelevant in her life.

Ready to boost your productivity?

Start reading This Naked Mind and learn how to boost your productivity by changing your relationship with alcohol. Download the first 40 pages now.

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