How Blogging Keeps You Sober

Blogging Keeps You Sober – Really!


Are you looking for tools to help you stay alcohol free? Something that will help keep you on track? What if I told you that blogging keeps you sober? While it seems farfetched – it really can.


Blogging will keep you accountable. In turn, blogging keeps you sober. By blogging you create a following. A community of people who are personally invested in you and your success. Pretty powerful. Blogging has actually been the catalyst to inspire some to stop drinking. Stefanie Wilder-Taylor, the author of Sippy Cups are Not for Chardonnay, came clean on her blog about her secret. In turn she inspired others to also take a look at their drinking.

By opening up to others about her desire to stop drinking, Stefanie instantly created a support team that she could check in with. She had others to answer to and to turn to through her writing if she was struggling.


Writing a blog helps you make sense of your thoughts. It open you up to be naked, exposed. You are baring your thoughts, emotions, struggles and victories for all. Rather than internalizing all of it, blogging is setting you free.  In the introduction of my book,  This Naked Mind: Control Alcohol, Find Freedom, Discover Happiness And Change Your Life I talk about how I used to wake up at 3 am every night due to the runaway thoughts in my mind. The voices that made me question my drinking and my ability to stop. Through writing the book and blogging, I’ve been able to not only look at why I used to drink but to also discover the reasons I no longer drink.


By opening yourself up to others and sharing your story, you inspire others to stop drinking and believe in their successes as well. When I set about to stop drinking and began my research into reprogramming my unconscious mind to break free from alcohol, I was only trying to help myself. Once I discovered how well it worked I wanted to share it with the world so that they too could find the success I had. So I did. And so far it’s worked, like Mary and Marcus can tell you.

Your voice is important. It can be just as significant to give someone hope that they could enjoy a dinner out without wine than to tell them you’ve sworn off booze forever. The first seems realistic and eye-opening. It will give them hope for a better tomorrow.

Where to blog?

There are social sites springing up across the globe that allow you to explore your relationship with alcohol in a safe, social environment. Some of the best I have seen include: Hello Sunday Morning – they are out of Australia but currently 60% of their members are global. Club Soda, they are from the UK and offer a fun and refreshing approach. This Naked Mind has a wonderful social blogging site, which is growing every day at: This Naked Mind Community. No matter where you go the important thing is to connect with others who are journeying with you.


Blogging keeps you sober by connecting you with a larger community that offers and looks for support. No longer is drinking just about you. If you would like to share your musings with us we would love to have your story. Email us at: [email protected]

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