You’re Not Alone

you're not alone. to the mothers feeling lost... shame. guilt. sadness. isolation. fear. you're not alone. to those who drink a bottle a night at home. you're not alone. to those who prioritize alcohol over breastfeeding, bedtime snuggles, exercise, clear-headed [...]

EP 96: Reader Question – What is PAWS (Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome)? And does it happen for everyone?

In what stage of recovery does PAWS occur and does it happen to everyone? Annie answers questions about PAWS and shares scientific research and her opinion on why it happens, how long it lasts, and how to change [...]

EP 94: Reader Question – I Stopped Drinking but My Friends are not Supportive. How to deal?

What do we do when our friends are judgmental or not supportive of our decision to change our drinking habits? Annie speaks about her own personal experiences with this and provides some great insight and advice as to [...]

EP 86: Reader Question – How long does it take to start really feeling better after I stop drinking? With Dr Adi Jaffe

I’ve stopped drinking, but how long does it take to really start to feel the changes as my body recovers from the damage alcohol has done? Annie and Dr Jaffe address this commonly asked question by Annie sharing [...]

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