Tom discovered he needed to go beyond AA and embrace a Naked Life to really be alcohol free.

beyond AA

Relationship With Alcohol

I’ve only recently read your book and I am so glad that I did because it has helped me so much in thinking about my relationship with alcohol.

I’ve been going to AA for over four months now. While I fully appreciate and enjoy the fellowship, it was not exactly a great fit for me concerning the 12 step program. Your book helped me to understand that I can stop drinking without needing to change my life completely by forcing myself to adopt a program. It allowed me to go beyond AA.


I had my first drink at 14, but was a ‘regular’ drinker for many years. I call myself a functional alcoholic. Mostly because I continually drank for the last 30 years (from college up to about 4 months ago) while at the same time being very successful in my personal and professional life. I never had a DUI, lost a job, got in a fight, or wrecked my car because of alcohol.

In Control

When I was drinking, I never really felt out of control. In fact, controlling my alcohol consumption was a huge part of my life. My life was all about control and I thought of it constantly. I was, however, powerless to fully stop drinking. I just couldn’t stop and stay stopped. It was easy to start drinking and stop once I was drunk, but could not stay stopped for more than a few days. I would drink most every night, just not so much that I couldn’t fulfill my life responsibilities the next morning – go to work, etc. I wanted to quit most mornings, but found myself once again drinking most every night. It was all very progressive. Over the course of many years I started first with a couple glasses and then worked my way up to a couple of bottles or more when I was free to recover the following day.

No Drama

I don’t have the crazy dramatic drinking stories that I often heard in AA. Mine is more of a slow, gradual, wasting of a life. I got drunk to some degree almost every night (but not too drunk) for my 20s, 30s, and 40s. Sometimes I wish I had fallen harder or faster because I think it would have saved me decades of time. I drank in a mostly controlled, but unstoppable manner for 30 years. It took me 5 years to get started drinking and then I really had my groove on for the last 25 with no real desire to quit. I drank with others but mostly drank alone. I loved alcohol, it helped me live my life and excel in my career. Me and alcohol accomplished great things together – started several companies, held leadership and director roles, and created some great technology.

Hitting The Bottom

My bottom came when I started to push the amount that I was drinking too much due to some new major stresses in my life. I was no longer able to stop before becoming too drunk too often. My control was slipping away and I was getting much less functional. Eventually, I just became sick and tired of drinking and thinking about alcohol all the time. I knew life was more than this and I also knew that I was killing my self with booze. No longer could I deny what alcohol was doing to me. I could feel that my body was starting to fail and I got serious about quitting.

Beyond AA

I started going to AA. That made all the difference to me – being in the company of others and having that common connection gave me strength, confidence, and hope. I am one of the lucky ones in that my cravings were spontaneously taken away. No desire at all remains. Your book helped me to understand this. I actually felt that my life depended on quitting for the first time. That was enough for me to be able to follow through and do it.

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Loving Life

Now, I love being fully aware and intentionally living and feeling like my full self. I am far more functional than ever – I feel like I have the brain of a teenager, everything is so clear and vivid. The thought of drinking has zero appeal for me anymore.

The Why and How

Before I found your book and podcast, I couldn’t really explain to myself the mechanism as to how I was finally able to quit after all those years. I had never heard of your book until after I had already quit drinking, but it and your podcast have helped me so much. I quit with the help of the fellowship of AA, but I feel that your book explained to me how I was able to do it and go beyond AA.

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Tom discovered he could go beyond AA and find an alcohol free life. Have you found the same to be true? Please share your story to help others!