Most of us have a huge amount of anticipation and expectations when we make the decision to stop drinking. What happens when being alcohol free is disappointing? Why is it we feel let down?
being alcohol free is disappointing

You Get What You Expect

Have you ever been told that you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit? I think you can also argue that you get what you expect. If your beliefs and experiences are what held you back from becoming alcohol free, they can also be what is holding you back from embracing this alcohol free life. Being alcohol free is disappointing when you go in with an unconscious mind that expects the worse from it. In other words, cognitive dissonance is still at play in this situation.

Get Real

Being alcohol free is only disappointing when we go in expecting the worst. If your mindset is that now your life will be boring, your friends will all desert you and you’re not sure if it’s worth it to change – you’ll probably be right. That’s pretty true of anything in life.

We’ve all gone to a party that we really didn’t feel like going to. You spend the night determined not to enjoy yourself and can’t understand why everyone keeps exclaiming about what a great party it is!  It’s all about expectations.

In A Perfect World

Imagine what you would like your life to be like alcohol free if we lived in a perfect world. How would your life change or not change? What is holding you back from and making you believe that being alcohol free is disappointing? Are you scared of losing friends? Losing your identity? Not ready to face life and all of its struggles without your usual go-to? All these reasons can really taint what you expect to get from an alcohol free life.

Start Reading

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Work It

Being alcohol free is disappointing while you’re still holding on to who you use to be. This is your opportunity to work through your beliefs and your expectations and reshape them into who and what you’d actually like to be. There is work you need to do in order to make lasting changes. Your task is to really work on your awareness. Stripping your mind down to where these misconceptions are rooted. In the end though, you’ll find that being alcohol free is disappointing only for those who are still drinking.