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Being a heavy drinker didn’t seem abnormal to Alexis. It had always been part of her life. Eventually, though, she realized it was time to stop being a heavy drinker. She tried everything and nothing seemed to help until she came across This Naked Mind.

how to stop being a heavy drinker

Drinking was Fun

Alcohol was a big part of my family life, my mom and dad were social drinkers and every great memory of family gatherings with my aunts, uncles and Grandparents involved drinking. I made the connection then that drinking equals fun and that drinking is not only normal but a right of passage into adulthood.

I began to believe that drinking was celebratory. I loved the joy I felt as a kid when adults were laughing and singing and having fun. I associated drinking with fun, celebrating, and being an adult.

A Heavy Drinker from the Start

It became an issue from the start for me. I started drinking heavily at the age of 16. I had heart problems and had many surgeries. Extremely shy and scared of everything, drinking made all that disappear. Alcohol made me feel more noticed. It seemed like a magic potion. I knew pretty much from the start though that I was drinking too much and considered myself a mess. In fact, I made the funny, tragic drunk girl part of my identity.

I remember someone from my high school seeing me fall down drunk and telling the guidance counselor about me. She told my parents and they blew it off. They decided without even really probing me for the truth that because I was so petite I didn’t realize how drunk I would get off of a couple of wine coolers, little did they know I was slamming shots every weekend.

Breaks From Heavy Drinking

I got married and had 4 kids in my 20s. During those years, I was either pregnant or breastfeeding and didn’t drink much at that time. I started drinking heavily again in my 30s and into my 40s. Trying many things to control my heavy drinking like moderation, switching alcohol, and drinking water in between drinks. There was an experiment with wine spritzers. I did it all.

After trying so many things, even spending a year in AA, I had another child at age 42. I was determined to get sober but had no clue how this would happen. Truthfully, I didn’t even believe it actually would but I had hope. I googled “how to get sober” or something like that. In my results, I saw This Naked Mind and it intrigued me. So I bought it.

How To Stop Being A Heavy Drinker

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Skeptical This Could End My Heavy Drinking

I had a hard time believing some of the things in the book. Wanting to believe it, but was unable to wrap my head around some of it. I had such ingrained beliefs around alcohol and experiences that at the time “proved” to me that alcohol did benefit me in some ways. I joined the Live Alcohol Experiment in Nov of 2019 and met the best group of people and we are all still very close.

My Last Drink

I joined the LAE Nov 2019. My last drink was on April 20, 2020 during lockdown. Having that support was huge. The group continued on and we all stayed close and still are best of friends after two years. The LAE taught me how to change my thinking and beliefs. ACT was a life changer for me. I used that technique every time I was triggered. I still do. At first, I had to sit down and write it out to change the belief, now I can just do it on the fly.

No Longer A Heavy Drinker

being a heavy drinker

I don’t even recognize myself. I am the person I wanted to be my entire life. All my interests were put on hold for all those years because drinking was my priority. It stole my looks, my self-esteem, my joy. I started dating and met a great guy, we have a cute little house with a yard. He doesn’t drink either, we have this wonderful, peaceful life with my 10-year-old.

I learned to play guitar and am a health nut. Eating super healthy and clean. I have always wanted to eat this way and I actually enjoy it, I just never could because of the alcohol. Today, I am so much more confident now and joyful. Sadly, I lost my 29-year-old son to a very aggressive brain tumor two months ago. I am so grateful that I was sober when I stood beside him as he passed. Able to be fully present and tell him everything I wanted to say. I am grieving but coping because I’m not drinking. It’s all so backward, all of it, all the thinking about what drinking does for us, it’s just backward and wrong.

There is Hope

If you think being a heavy drinker is all that is there for you, let me say – There is hope. You’ve got this and there are so many people there to cheer you and prove that this alcohol-free life IS possible.

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