Be Sober with Simon Chapple – This Naked Mind Live 2019

Simon Chapple is encouraging everyone to Be Sober. You can hear his message at This Naked Mind Live 2019!

This Naked Mind LIVE 2019

I’m really excited to talk to you about Simon Chapple – another awesome speaker from our lineup at This Naked Mind LIVE 2019! He is a really incredible example of what can happen when you leave alcohol behind you and I’m really excited that he’ll be joining us live on stage!

Be Sober with Simon Chapple

Simon created Be Sober, one of the most popular alcohol free sites and Facebook groups in the UK. He started his blog and the Facebook group to talk about this transition in his life and hasn’t looked back since. He put his own journey out there for people to see, and he’s inspired others all over the planet to make change in their own lives.

And the best part? He’s done this while running a successful internet marketing company! He knows what it’s like to be on this path and having to balance home life with a successful career. Not only does he talk the talk, but he walks the walk!

This Naked Mind Podcast

Simon and I met last year when he volunteered to write his story for my Naked Life series. I was immediately taken by how he had put himself out there as an example of change, and how he had developed an incredible community on Facebook. His work and incredible dedication are why I trained him to become a This Naked Mind Certified Coach, and he’s become a beloved part of our online programs.

All The Questions

He is an incredible example of what can happen when you take the step of putting alcohol in the rear view mirror. His blog touches on so many of the things we all feel when we quit alcohol:

How do I deal with stress?
What do I need to know to navigate early days alcohol free?
Where can I turn for support and encouragement?
What about my friends?
How do I handle going to events without alcohol?

That’s just to name a few! His personal and vulnerable writing communicates the insecurities we all feel. His story and experiences inspire thousands of people.

Join Us!

I really hope you can join me LIVE in Denver on September 7th & 8th so you can experience Simon’s infectious enthusiasm!

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