Rock bottom. So many argue that in order to change one must hit rock bottom. Instead I advocate for avoiding rock bottom and allowing others to examine their relationship with alcohol much much sooner. I joined The Elephant Journal to discuss just that idea.


Avoiding Rock Bottom

Rock bottom is a place that no one wants to hit. It means you’ve essentially hit a place where you can’t get any lower. Why would we encourage others to hit that point before we try to help them? Wouldn’t we want to help others long before they reach a place that feels hopeless?

The Elephant Journal

In a recent article in The Elephant Journal, I discuss how avoiding rock bottom is exactly what was my catalyst for change. It wasn’t a rock bottom moment that made me change. It was a build up of experiences followed by over a year of research that allowed me to see alcohol for what it was and dispel the belief that it held any benefit for me.

By avoiding rock bottom I have never felt a sense of missing out or deprivation when I made the choice to no longer drink alcohol.

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You Are Not Alone

If you are considering taking a break from alcohol or changing your drinking patterns – you are not alone. It does not mean that there is something wrong with you. It simple means that alcohol has done exactly what it was intended to you. Avoiding rock bottom is an excellent reason to reevaluate that relationship with alcohol. You have the control here and you can decide what direction you go from here.