Ask Delissa! Alcohol, Covid stress and its impact on my marriage

Since the lockdown I’ve been drinking too much. I can’t seem to stop. I know I’m ruining my marriage but that doesn’t stop me either.

My husband and I met at a Shabbat social event five years ago and our marriage is a good one. So why am I doing this? My husband doesn’t drink much and never has but I drink a bottle of wine a day sometimes. He says I am not good company when I drink because I get angry with him and then if I’m honest I’m actually also bad-tempered next day.

I keep trying to cut back but every time I stop drinking, I get so depressed. I work from home now all the time and although I’m happy not to commute any more I miss my work colleagues.

I enjoyed my office life and the social events that came with it. Now I’m putting on weight and am nearly two stone heavier than I was last March so I feel less attractive which makes me feel even worse.

I have to stop this but I can’t seem to.

I don’t know if I’m just a weak person or if I am an alcoholic with a serious problem.

Isabel – Highgate

Lockdown Drinking

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