Are You Asking The Right Questions?

The world is such a challenging place right now. It’s hard to know what to think and what to believe. In fact it seems like the more we learn about a subject that challenges us, the more questions we have. Getting curious is a good thing but asking the right questions is even better.
asking the right questions

Asking The Right Questions

You want to change your thinking about something. That is awesome! It shows a desire to grow and to evolve. So many of us settle for being stuck in what we know that we lose sight of the fact that change is possible for us. For all of us. Desire is the first step. Knowledge is the next. Gaining knowledge begins with asking questions, asking the right questions that is. I don’t believe in asking limiting questions – the black and white, easily answered yes or no questions. Challenge yourself to ask the questions and seek the answers to force you to dig deeper.

Beyond The Yes or No

It’s so easy to ask a question and accept a yes or no answer to it. It’s neat, zipped up, and allows you to move on. Let’s say I had asked myself years ago – “Am I an alcoholic?” The simple if you check 3 out of 5 on this list answer would have been no. Great! Perfect! There’s nothing wrong with my drinking. I can resume my life as is.

Yet when I asked the more difficult questions, the answers and what I learned quickly changed. Sure, I’m using alcohol as my subject here because it’s what I can relate to and I have experience in but substitute alcohol with whatever is challenging you right now.

Ask Why

To begin with, ask yourself why. Why do you drink, smoke, overeat, fear change, fear certain people, etc.? What are the reasons you have created for the things you do or believe? Take a piece of paper and list them out one by one. Now take what you’ve written and start examining those reasons and beliefs one by one. Really pull them apart and see how valid and truthful your belief system is. For myself when it came to alcohol it meant pouring through medical journals, studies, and other information. It was eye-opening to see all these reasons I had held up as truth systematically dissolved as I consumed the information and knowledge that was available to me. Once I discovered information that blew my misguided beliefs out of the water I could no longer go back to believing them.

Read About It

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Dig In

Asking the right questions is really about seeking the answers. Just as questions aren’t cut and dry or black and white, answers won’t be either. That’s because digging in and seeking out research on whatever subject you’re struggling with – alcohol use, addiction, racial disparities, violence, etc. – won’t give you an answer. What it does is it empowers you to make an informed decision based upon the knowledge you have gained. Those decisions can also evolve and change as you continue to learn and experience more. For those struggling with alcohol use, it can mean trying moderation and ultimately choosing to be alcohol free when your knowledge and life experiences lead you to believe that moderation is not an option for you.

Asking the right questions doesn’t end once you make a choice, instead it continues as you build upon the foundation those questions created for the knowledge you’re now consuming.

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