Annie Grace Featured on Squats and Margaritas with Erin Washington

Annie Grace joined the Squats and Margaritas podcast with Erin Washington to discuss how to take a closer look at alcohol’s role in your life.

Taking a look at Alcohol

Annie Grace was delighted to sit down with Erin Washington of the Squats and Margaritas podcast for a long and in-depth talk about alcohol. They dive into what alcohol does to us physically, psychologically, and emotionally. Annie also shares her own journey with alcohol. What led to an increase in her drinking, how she tried to control it, and ultimately what allowed her to find freedom in her relationship with alcohol.

Erin also bravely shares where she is on her journey with alcohol. Finally, they discuss how to take a look at the role alcohol is playing in your life and what you can do to address it.

Curious to learn more?

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Squats and Margaritas

Erin Washington is a lifestyle blogger and former college athlete who struggled with weight and body image for 20 years. She finally found her best body at 37 after having two kids. Erin promotes a balanced lifestyle of “Squats and Margaritas” and offers tips and motivation to women who are working out but not seeing results. 

Washington created her “Squats and Margaritas” brand two years ago and this year, published a book by the same name. The “Squats and Margaritas” podcast was a natural extension.

Listen to Annie Grace on the Squats and Margaritas podcast

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