Are You Drinking Too Much? A Wake Up Call For Women – Annie Grace on Red Table Talk

Watch Annie Grace on this pivotal Red Table Talk episode. Annie Grace, Jada Pinkett Smith, Adrienne Norris and Willow Smith discuss how easily one can fall into drinking too much, the pain of broken promises and how Annie’s three pillars helped her find freedom from alcohol.

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Are You Drinking Too Much? A Wake Up Call For Women

For the first time in history, women are now drinking as much as men, and the results are life-threatening. In this eye-opening RTT, Jada reveals her own personal struggles with alcohol and a renowned liver specialist shares alarming information you need to know. Plus, harrowing stories of hitting rock bottom and binge drinking from successful, high-powered women: the teacher of the year, a NYC Attorney and a global vice president.

Annie Grace on Red Table Talk

Annie Grace joins Red Table Talk to share with others just how easy it is to fall into the painful trap of alcohol use disorder. She shares experiences from her past, including raw video footage of her lowest moments. Along with all the things that did not work for her when it came to getting control of alcohol. Finally, she shares how she let go of the blame and shame that kept her from trusting herself and how the three pillars of change brought her freedom from alcohol.

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