Annie Grace Publishes The “Most Important Book I Never Wrote”

In the last five years, thanks to Annie Grace, thousands of people have forever regained control of their drinking. Now, they’re telling their raw and real stories in This Naked Life: 48 True Stories of Finding Freedom from Alcohol, a collection Annie Grace calls “the most important book I never wrote.”

This Naked Life

Annie Grace Publishes The

“The stories in this book are poignant and humorous. They will surprise, challenge, and inspire you,” says Grace, author of This Naked Mind: Control Alcohol, Find Freedom, Discover Happiness & Change Your Life and The Alcohol Experiment: A 30-day, Alcohol-Free Challenge to Interrupt Your Habits and Help You Take Control. “These are relatable humans from all walks of life who pull no punches and prove that, no matter where you are in your journey with alcohol, you are not alone.”

Read This Naked Mind

Start reading This Naked Mind for free today. Learn why it inspired the stories in the latest compilation by Annie Grace!

Find More Support

In addition to This Naked Mind, there’s additional support available. You’ll learn about The Alcohol Experiment and The PATH within these inspiring stories. Take a moment to discover for yourself the support and inspiration available to anyone questioning their relationship with alcohol.

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