Annie Grace – Alcohol and Women’s Burnout

In this episode, I interview my mentor Annie Grace. Annie is the author of This Naked Mind: Control Alcohol, Find Freedom, Discover Happiness & Change Your Life and The Alcohol Experiment: A 30-day, Alcohol-Free Challenge to Interrupt Your Habits and Help You Take Control. We discuss everything there is to talk about regarding alcohol and women’s burnout.

This Naked Mind Approach

Annie’s approach provides a brand new, compassion and curiosity-driven approach to looking at the role of alcohol in our lives. It provides a safe space for “grey-area drinkers”. Those who don’t identify as “alcoholics” but suspect alcohol is now taking more than it’s giving. Annie Grace preaches compassion over shame and blame. She offers a proven alternative to the largely ineffective recipe for so-called “success”—the one that says anything less than 100% abstinence is failure. Annie doesn’t teach people how to be sober; she helps them quash their desire to drink in the first place.

Alcohol and Women’s Burnout

We discuss the downside of the “alcoholic” label and women’s burnout and the alcohol connection. We also go into the troubling increase in “mom drinking” during the pandemic. Finally I introduce the revolutionary approach to changing your relationship with alcohol that is the This Naked Mind philosophy. Annie provides a few of her best tips for maintaining balance as a busy, working mom and incredibly successful entrepreneur. Along with advice for anyone who’s starting to question their relationship with alcohol.

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