99 Alternatives to Drinking

It’s no secret that we live in an alcohol centric society. It seems like every activity revolves around drinking in some way. That can make life daunting when you first set out to be a non-drinker. This Naked Mind has your back with our comprehensive list of alternatives to drinking. No matter what itch you’re trying to scratch – we have an alternative for you!
alternatives to drinking

Thrill Seeker Alternatives to Drinking

If you’re looking for the high that comes from drinking, try these instead –

99. Sky Diving
98. Skiing
97. Zip Lining
96. Roller Coasters
95. Tubing
94. Go Karts
93. Motorcycling
92. Rock Climbing
91. Bungee Jumping
90. Trampoline Parks

Social Alternatives To Drinking

Want to hang out with friends but you don’t want it to be fueled by booze? How about –

89. Breakfast Dates
88. A Tea House
87. Hiking
86. Volunteer Together
85. See A Matinee
84. Support the local schools and go see a play or band performance
83. Sign up for a class together
82. Help each other (housework, remodeling, etc)
81. Go for a drive to a new town and explore
80. Sit and talk

Sexy Alternatives to Drinking

Find it hard to loosen up and get in the mood? You can –

79. Give each other massages
78. Go skinny dipping
77. Take a midnight stroll
76. Set the mood with low lights and soft music
75. Get emotionally intimate first
74. Kiss more
73. Talk Dirty (it works) or read a steamy scene from a novel
72. Dance Together
71. Pretend It’s Your First Date
70. Naked Twister

Relaxing Alternatives To Drinking

Convinced alcohol helps you unwind? Try –

69. Fishing
68. Reading –
You can start by reading This Naked Mind for free today!

67. Take a bath
66. Try Acupuncture
65. Meditate
64. Garden
63. Listen to Music
62. Journal
61. Take a Nap
60. Netflix and Chill

Indulgent Alternatives to Drinking

Do you think of alcohol as a reward? Treat yourself to –

59. Chocolate
58. A Vacation
57. Shopping
56. All the samples at the Mall food court
55. New running shoes or sports gear
54. Hitting the snooze button – twice
53. Popcorn for dinner
52. A hair cut
51. The upgrade – whatever it is!
50. Dessert for breakfast

Fun Alternatives to Drinking

Worried you can’t have fun without alcohol? Have you ever –

49. Gone to a comedy show
48. Flown a kite
47. Tried Skateboarding
46. Successfully gone up the down escalator
45. Made s’mores – using Nutella
44. Danced the night away
43. People watched at 3am
42. Gotten lost on purpose
41. Visited an escape room
40. Beat someone shamelessly at skeeball?

Stress Relieving Alternatives to Drinking

Drinking due to stress? Remember the only way to resolve stress is to eliminate the source of it. You need to –

39. Update your resume
38. Make a budget
37. Sign up for a meal planning or delivery service
36. Make yourself a doctor’s appointment
35. Go to counseling
34. Phone a friend
33. Do Yoga
32. Join a gym
31. Just go to the dentist already
30. Have a heart to heart with your boss

Boredom Buster Alternatives to Drinking

Drink as a cure for boredom? You could-

29) Read 30 books in 30 days
28) Start a new hobby
27) Go Marie Kondo and purge your entire home
26) Adopt a Road, Adopt a Beach, Adopt a Park
25) Become a Foster Pet Parent
24) Learn a new language
23) Make something – craft sodas, vinegars or flavored oils
22) Join a challenge – exercise, diet, reading, hula hooping, etc
21) Go back to school – pursue a degree or audit courses – there’s programs free online
20) Write a book!

Entertaining Alternatives to Drinking

Worried about entertaining alcohol free? Here’s a few ideas –

19) Host an ice cream social
18) Choose a venue that doesn’t allow alcohol
17) Host a breakfast get together with a coffee and tea bar
16) Try serving Middle East or Indian dishes and let guests know that drinking is discouraged in those cultures
15) Host a Progressive Dinner with friends where the driver changes each time – everyone is the DD!!
14) Just don’t serve alcohol – most people won’t notice
13) Make it a mocktail party – best recipe wins a gift card
12) Serve sodas from around the world
11) Give your party an element that requires guests to stay sharp – obstacle course, Trivia etc

Family Friendly Alternatives to Drinking

Shockingly one of the greatest obstacles many face is spending time with family without drinking. How can you create memories instead?

10) Record family memoirs. Interview family and get their favorite memories down on film.
9) Cook together and create a family cook book.
8) Get out – instead of sitting around drinking – go do something. Frisbee golf, bike riding etc
7) Let the kids plan the day. They don’t need alcohol to have fun.
6) Spend time helping others. Volunteer together at a nursing home or homeless shelter.
5) Take a trip together. Stay off the highway and explore the back roads.
4) Play board games.
3) Learn something. Have a family member teach you how to crochet, whittle or whatever their hidden talent is!
2) Speed date your family. Have family rotate who they talk to every two minutes and see what you learn!

You Do You

Honestly though – I could list 1,000 alternatives to drinking but #1) is always to stay true to yourself. If you feel tempted you have the power and the right to leave. Your happiness and comfort are more important than anything else out there. So the best alternative to drinking is to take care of yourself first.