Are you ready for a shocker? Alcohol lies to us. Our friends lie to us. The media? You guessed it – they lie to us too. The shocking part is how deeply we believe those lies while we easily write off what is true. Alcohol has health benefits! (Must be true!) Alcohol is linked to over 7 forms of cancer! (Darn fear mongering!) The lies we believe are what keep us stuck in the alcohol trap.

alcohol lies

Alcohol Has Health Benefits

An alcohol lie that we love to believe is that alcohol has health benefits. Did you know that potatoes have more vitamin C in them than both tomatoes and sweet potatoes? While this is true, it doesn’t – in turn – make french fries healthy! Yet we feel like applying the same logic to alcohol is valid. Yes – some studies have found that there are health benefits in alcohol, BUT further studies have shown that the benefits do NOT outweigh the risks. From obesity and diabetes to cancer and cardiovascular disease – the World Health Organization has repeatedly said that there is no safe level of alcohol consumption.

Alcohol Makes Us Happy

Out of the lies we believe – the myth that alcohol makes us happy is a top one. I’m not sure what kind of a genie in a bottle you believe in, but the idea that a known depressant can make us happy sounds just ludicrous to me. Yet I believed it. Alcohol lies to us with its initial rush that lifts us up for a quick moment, but the reality is, that the high from alcohol lasts about 20 minutes. From there on – it’s all downhill. If you think about it, if alcohol truly makes you happy – wouldn’t it leave you feeling good the next day too?

Never did I wake up with a hangover and think – “Man, I wish I had drank more last night!”  Yet when I do the things that truly make me happy – spending time with friends, laughing with my kids or that feeling when the roller coaster flips you upside down – I want more of it because it feels good.

Alcohol Makes For Better Sex

Nerve ending sensitivity suppression, dehydration, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, vaginal dryness, delay or prevention of orgasm, lower testosterone levels, poor decision making. Sounds like the makings for some great sex – right? Alcohol lies when it comes t better sex. It might lower your inhibitions but it does nothing to improve sexual performance. Maybe it’s because you can’t really remember the night before that you think it was so good?

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Alcohol Makes Me Social

Many of us use alcohol to combat social anxiety. We “think” it makes us more social and outgoing. The first issue and the biggest, long term problem is that alcohol also causes “hangxiety”. So while it may temporarily lower your inhibitions and make you more outgoing – it is actually increasing your anxiety on the broad scale. Also – alcohol doesn’t make us social. It makes us boring and quite honestly self centered. If you’ve ever actually listened in to a drinking conversation, it’s a lot of people repeating themselves and talking over each other. How many alcohol-fueled conversations have you remembered the next day? Enough said!

Alcohol Lies

Alcohol lies when it says it makes us happy. Alcohol lies when it says it helps us relax. The truth is that alcohol has never been a solution to any problems but it has been the source of many. Rather than believing the alcohol lies – find what truly makes you happy, find friends you can enjoy without alcohol, and find what fulfills you rather than what drains you. Would you stay in any other relationship that was built upon lies?