Alcohol and Me – have you wondered how they go together and what to do when they no longer do? Read Josh’s Naked Life Story and see what he decided about alcohol and him.

Bettering Myself

I went through a heavy break up about 4 years ago and through that process I started this journey to find ways to better myself mentally and physically. It’s been different things over the years, finding meditation, minimalism, quitting smoking, making fitness a priority in my life, narrowing in on what I want to put in my body (zero soda, less sugar, whole, nutritious foods), and most recently quitting alcohol.

Alcohol and Me

Alcohol and me have a long standing relationship. It’s been roughly about 20 years from when the relationship was started. I remember my brother offering my first beer, I tasted it and wanted to throw it as far as I could. The taste was disgusting. He said it gets better the more you drink it, you get used to it. That’s how it began.

Just Having Fun

College years, keg stands, shot gunning, beer pong, you name it… The relationship between alcohol and me was unhealthy for many years. It was light beers and then for the past 5 or 6 years it turned into craft beers. The craft beer phenomenon hooked me. All of the different beautiful graphic designs, I wanted to try a different one all the time. IPAs became my beer of choice. I always thought alcohol made everything more fun. I’m not sure where I fell in the line of “alcoholics,” I never considered myself one and if you asked any of my friends and family, they would say the same. I was still able to function highly with my work life. Some nights would be 1, some nights would be 3, some nights could potentially be 9 beers.

One time, and there were probably weeks of more, I had 42 beers.

Always Drinking

I would drink when out with friends, after a project on the job, or by myself. It would be during times I felt great and times that were not so easy. If something was difficult in my life, I would use alcohol to escape those negative feelings. I would use alcohol to numb my senses. The more I would consume, the further it seemed I could escape. Alcohol and me were always together.

Changing the Relationship

It was about a year ago I would say the desire to change my relationship with alcohol was growing… Article after article, trying to go a few days without any at all, keeping a diary of how many I consumed. I wanted to control my drinking. I didn’t ever stop to think I may have never been in control. Somehow, through an article online, there was a link to this book and I thought I would give it a shot. Little did I know this book would change my life. It’s now almost 3 months without drinking and I can seriously say I do not have the desire to look back.

Read it

Want to read the book that changed it from alcohol and me to no more? Start reading a sample of This Naked Mind today! 

What’s Next?

It’s hard to say what will happen in the future, but I feel so grateful Annie has changed my subconscious and truly shifted my perspective into the life I want. A life filled with waking up every day not being hungover, not feeling like a truck has run over me. I no longer want to numb my mind in order to escape. Now I have so much clarity and my body feels so good, I don’t want to go back to that lifestyle. It doesn’t serve me anymore. We only have this one, wild and precious life, my body and mind deserve this freedom. Alcohol and me are not friends anymore.

Thank you Annie for your bravery and your efforts in creating such a profound experience that is going to bring a lot of joy into my life and many others.

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