I get so, so many questions from readers about how they will deal with so many situations without drinking. Social outings, physical intimacy, vacations, and family gatherings. In all these situations and many more, alcohol has been given this elevated status of importance. We’ve stripped ourselves of all our strengths and capabilities and given alcohol all the credit instead. Alcohol isn’t a genie in a bottle capable of solving all of our problems.
Alcohol Isn't A Genie In A Bottle

Hope Without Drinking

One of  the main reasons we know that alcohol isn’t a genie in a bottle is because genies bring us hope, happiness and fulfillment. Drinking a bottle of wine never brought me any of that. That’s because alcohol isn’t here to bring us anything. It strictly wants to take away. It isn’t bringing you courage, relaxation or  happiness. No…alcohol takes away our ability to feel and reason. It doesn’t give you anything. It just makes you numb. Learning to take a shot before a social situation isn’t learning how to be social if that same anxiety finds you each time. There’s hope without drinking because without alcohol, you can learn how to actually deal with and become comfortable in those situations.

From Wishes To Reality

Alcohol doesn’t make our wishes comes true. It just makes us forget about them for a little while. So if our wishes are to be more outgoing, to further our career, or to have a better relationship with a spouse or family member – we must do the work to make that happen. I can virtually guarantee that attempting to accomplish that while drinking will not work. Alcohol makes us less productive less motivated and less capable of controlling our emotions. That’s a dangerous mix when working with such emotionally charged situations. Alcohol isn’t a genie in a bottle but it could very well be considered dynamite in a bottle instead.

What Now?

So you stopped drinking, but all those scary and stressful situations are still there and they still make you uncomfortable, what do you do now? Now is when the hard work comes in. If alcohol isn’t a genie in a bottle, that means you must be the one to fix what ails you. If social situations makes you uncomfortable – what coping techniques can you develop to get through them? (I personally have found visualization to be a great ally there). The same goes for improving your career, relationships and so on – what can YOU do? What changes can you make or skills can you develop to actually promote change?

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Alcohol Isn’t  A Genie In A Bottle

I think we’ve all hoped (at one point or another) for an easy fix. That something that will just make everything better instantaneously. That just isn’t realistic. Ask any lottery winner or someone else who has struck it big and they will tell you – life still throws you curve balls. How then can we have hope without drinking? We have hope because without alcohol – we hold the control. We have the strength, the skills and the motivation to change and become a better and more confident person every day. No longer is there something holding us back from what we are truly capable of achieving. So take those fears and anxieties and instead, turn them into goals. Remember that at one point not so long ago, the idea of not drinking seemed impossible too.