It’s easy to justify our drinking when we convince ourselves it is just a habit. I joined The Elephant Journal to discuss what happens when you realize you’ve passed the definition of an alcohol habit and entered into dependence.


Alcohol Habit

Having an alcohol habit is commonplace these days. From shirts and wine glasses to social media meme’s – drinking is not just normal – it’s ingrained in our culture. That’s what makes it so easy to write off the way we drink as just a habit. No different then those around us.

The Elephant Journal

In a recent article in <” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>The Elephant Journal, I discuss what it took to make me realize that my drinking habit had crossed a line. Realizing that I had come to rely upon it in order to function was eye opening. The fact that I felt deprived without it was telling.

Habits are something that should be relatively easy to give up given some time and effort. Alcohol wasn’t easier to give up as time passed. The more I thought about giving it up, the more I wanted it.

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In my Elephant Journal article, I also encourage you to join the 100,000 others in The Alcohol Experiment – a completely free option with daily emails and exercises to support participants in a 30-day, booze-free challenge.

Letting Go

I held onto my belief that I only had an alcohol habit long after it no longer brought me any happiness. If I’d only known sooner how exponentially life could improve without drinking I would have made the change much sooner. Questioning and changing your relationship with alcohol isn’t just okay. It’s as normal as we’ve made wine after work and beer and ball games.