The 7 Best Drinks For An Alcohol-Free August

Dry July is over and you enjoyed it so much that you’re ready to take on an alcohol-free August instead! Or maybe Dry July was harder than you thought it should be and you’re looking for additional support! Either way, we’re here for you. We’ve asked our team of amazing This Naked Mind certified coaches to share some alcohol-free August drink recipes with us. You can get to know these coaches better and find more support from them in The PATH: Freedom Accelerated!

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Alcohol-Free August Drink Recipes

alcohol-free august drink recipes

Lime Spritzer

alcohol-free august drinks from The PATH coaches - lime spritzer

Onowa Bjella is a This Naked Mind Certified Senior Coach. She has helped people have Alcohol-Free Augusts, Dry Julys, and so much more while leading them through The PATH, Live Alcohol Experiments, and coaching them one on one. As a coach, she understands how people with trauma often turn to alcohol. Onowa believes being compassionate to yourself is essential while you are creating a new high-vibe life in control of alcohol.

As a mother, she committed herself to whole natural foods and to healthy focused living. Onowa dedicated her time to researching wellness and making sure her family stayed away from environmental toxins while questioning the official narrative of what it means to be healthy and happy. Inevitably, alcohol started to stand out. This curiosity and questioning led her to find This Naked Mind and a new mindset around alcohol. She has been alcohol-free ever since. Now, with her first-hand experience using the This Naked Mind Methodology, 20+ years of being an educational professional, and the continued certification from the TNM Institute, she is helping other health-conscious moms foster their best self and take control of their relationship with alcohol.

One way that Onowa takes control is by making sure what is in her glass is tasty and fulfilling. She loves to find refreshment with this lime spritzer. With only two ingredients making one is fast and easy.


8 oz sparkling water

2 oz lime juice

lime slices (for garnish)


Pour your sparkling water into a chilled glass. Add the lime juice and mix well.

Garnish with lime slices and enjoy!

Raspberry Ginger Spritzer

alcohol-free august drinks from The PATH coaches - raspberry ginger spritzer

Michele is a “Mom Gone Free”. She found herself in the “gray-area drinker” category and wrapped up in mommy wine culture. After trying unsuccessfully to moderate, she found This Naked Mind desperate to understand her relationship with wine. Michele discovered freedom from alcohol and so much more! TNM methodologies have changed her relationship with food/alcohol and improved her overall health and wellness. She is now living the best version of herself and is proud to be a role model for her family.

Michele specializes in coaching women who want to change their relationship with alcohol and/or other habits that are not serving them. She helps identify beliefs, behaviors, and emotions that may be holding them back. She walks with her clients as they create a new path that embraces a happier, healthier lifestyle that balances self-care and being a mom.

Michele used The PATH by This Naked Mind to find her freedom from alcohol and she is passionate about sharing that gift with others. Michele believes there is peace around alcohol for everyone.

One of the ways she maintains peace in her relationship with alcohol is by choosing to indulge in healthier (and tastier!) ways. This Raspberry Ginger Spritzer is one of her favorites!


8 – 10 Raspberries

5-6 oz Ginger Beer (Non-alcoholic – regular or diet)



Sugar Dusted Raspberries (for garnish)


In a cocktail shaker, lightly muddle raspberries and a squeeze of lime juice. Stir with ice.

Strain into a tall glass or copper cocktail mug and fill with ice and ginger beer.

Garnish with raspberries dusted with sugar.

Cran-Limeade Mocktail

alcohol-free august drinks from The PATH coaches - cran-limeade mocktail

Zoe lives between Hampshire, UK, and Ibiza,Spain..

She has four adult children, more animals than the Ark ever had, instructed Pilates for 15 years, speaks fluent French, good Spanish, and has been living her alcohol-free life since March 2020.

Her alcohol awareness coaching is focused on Pilates and Sports professionals.

Zoe brings her unique, high-energy approach to focus on the paradox of professionals working to help the lives and bodies of others, whilst continuing to struggle with alcohol.

Zoe’s coaching allows you to progress in a light-hearted, enjoyable and safe environment.

A great way to make that environment enjoyable and safe is by whipping up your favorite alcohol-free drinks. Zoe loves this Cran-Limeade mocktail for a refreshing treat!


12 ounces Fresh Limeade

64 ounces Cranberry Juice

2 liters Sparkling Water

Fresh Cranberries

Lime Wedges


In a large glass pitcher combine limeade and cranberry juice.

Stir well to combine.

Slowly pour in sparkling water and stir again.

Add fresh cranberries to the pitcher and garnish serving glasses with lime wedges.

Zero Proof Margarita

alcohol-free august drinks - zero proof margarita

Coach Lily Weis found that drinking didn’t make her happy with her life. But she was also convinced that if she quit, she’d never be happy again! That she’d be alienated at social gatherings, parties, and holidays. She’d lose the feeling of connection with her friends and family. She wouldn’t be any “fun” anymore.

Today, it’s an entirely different story. There’s a genuine sparkle in her eyes again! Now, she has a stable core of joy and peace, which gives her strength even when some days don’t go as well as others. That’s important, because for Lily, it wasn’t enough to just stop drinking. The solution, the alcohol-free world on the other side, had to be so good that she would LOVE her new life.

Lily decided to take a new leap: to become This Naked Mind certified and coach people who feel trapped, like she once did. People who want to do more than just quit drinking – they want to live their lives to the fullest.

One of the ways Lily continues to live life to the fullest is with this alcohol-free margarita recipe. She loves to show others they can still party it up while staying zero-proof!


2 oz Ritual Alcohol-Free Tequila Alternative

1 oz Fresh Lime Juice

2 oz Sparkling Water


Combine all ingredients in a shaker with ice. Shake well. Pour into a cocktail glass, garnish with a lime slice or wedge.

Looking beyond an alcohol-free August?

Are you thinking beyond just an alcohol-free August? Could you use additional tips on taking a break from alcohol? Download our free e-book – 6 Best Tips For Taking A Break From Booze. Click here to get your copy!

And if you’re looking for a community to support you and to swap more alcohol-free drink ideas with – join us in The Alcohol Experiment. It has helped over 380K people take a 30-day break from alcohol, change their thinking, and find balance in their lives!

More Alcohol-Free August Drinks From The PATH Coaches

Here are a few more alcohol-free August drink ideas –

Coach Kat Pope loves to cool off with a Lagunitas Hoppy Refresher!

Shelly Money suggests trying Gruvi Dry Secco and Bubbly Rose

and Allison M loves Kombucha! Here is an idea on how to brew your own at home!

If you need more alcohol-free drinks ideas or you’re wondering if NA drinks are even ok to indulge in – we’ve got you covered!

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