If Alcohol Advertisements Told The Truth

According to a study in the journal JAMA Pediatrics, Alcohol advertising that reaches children and young adults helps lead them to drink for the first time—or, if they’re experienced underage drinkers, to drink more. What if alcohol advertisements showed what drinking is really like? Not the sensationalized, pretty marketing version. The real, naked truth.

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If Alcohol Advertisements Told The Truth

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Alcohol advertisements typically look something like this –

Beautiful fit people relaxing and enjoying drinks. The scene might certainly start out that way but the truth is that a fit body isn’t going to last very long. Alcohol is full of empty calories. A typical beer has 154 calories in a serving. Three beers are the equivalent of a double cheeseburger. A frozen strawberry daiquiri can pack 1,800 calories in a single drink. One spring break spent sucking down drinks on the beach and you could quickly end up resembling a much different picture instead!

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Not quite as enticing is it?

Alcohol Advertisements say you’re the life of the party

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Advertisements will often portray you as the life of the party. You’re the big man or woman on campus or in the bar, downing shots, talking it up. Alcohol is giving you confidence. It’s letting you be THAT person.

Except, alcohol isn’t really doing all of that. It’s numbing you so you just aren’t reacting as sharply as you could. Your senses and reactions are slowed. Your inhibitions are lowered. If you drink enough – it will really numb you. Right to this point.

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Life of the party – right?

But you look good drinking it

We all know that almost every alcohol advertisement swears that it will make you look better though. Obviously by drinking you will look like the person in the ad. The paid model that hasn’t even had a sip of what’s in the glass.

Well, you might very well end up looking like some well-known actor but it won’t be these people. Remember the frogs that use to shill Budweiser? There’s a good chance that if you drink enough you will end up closely resembling them. Alcohol causes wrinkles, bloating, dehydration, yellowing of the skin, and more.

Alcohol Advertisements are a lie

Alcohol advertising creates a myth around what is truly a dangerous drug. This isn’t a harmless substance that just lets us cut loose. This is the same substance that is in the gasoline we run our vehicles on. It’s a leading cause of cancer and the world’s number one killer. What if alcohol advertisements were telling us that instead?

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