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Life threw Scarlet some curveballs. Though she never touched a drop until her 50s, a series of tough times, including a brain tumor diagnosis, a divorce, and witnessing her son’s battle with alcohol, led her down a path of depending on alcohol herself. But Scarlet isn’t letting this define her. Determined to take back control, she’s diving headfirst into “The Alcohol Experiment” to break free from this unexpected challenge and overcome alcohol addiction in the family.

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A Family Story and Alcohol

Growing up, alcohol wasn’t a major issue in my family. Occasional drinks by my parents and tipsy relatives at gatherings seemed normal. My life took a different turn at a young age when I embraced Mormonism, adopting their views against alcohol. For decades, it wasn’t a part of my life – until I was 52.

An Unexpected Encounter

My journey with alcohol began at 55, following a life-altering brain tumor diagnosis. My family history with addiction, including my mother’s struggles and the loss of my brother, had always been a concern. Despite a medical career, strong values, and focus on family, alcohol remained off-limits due to my religious beliefs.

However, significant life changes like leaving the Mormon faith and a divorce led me to consider a drink for the first time in decades. The initial social drinking was enjoyable, but a new, unforeseen dependence began. What started occasionally turned into a nightly ritual, especially after brain surgery. I convinced myself I deserved it after years of abstinence.

After my craniotomy, I gave myself a green light to drink every night with the justification that I “deserve” it because I went 55 years without a drop of alcohol.

Alcohol Addiction in the Family

As alcohol became more prominent, I saw its hold on my family. My son’s battle with severe Alcohol Use Disorder mirrored the addiction I was starting to experience. Despite my medical knowledge and understanding of the consequences, I found myself falling into nightly drinks. Justifications were plentiful, but deep down, I knew I was developing an unhealthy relationship with alcohol.

My husband has a very healthy relationship with alcohol. He thinks I do too but I do not. I secretly bought alcohol and hid it

A Spark of Change

Seeking ways to help my son and understand his struggles, I discovered Annie Grace’s “The Alcohol Experiment” while looking for resources. This program, along with other materials from This Naked Mind, offered a fresh perspective on how alcohol was influencing my life. Despite the initial challenges, participating in these programs marked the beginning of a new chapter.

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Re-evaluating My Relationship with Alcohol

Eleven days into The Alcohol Experiment, the journey has been challenging. Evening cravings are the strongest, highlighting the reality of my dependence. However, this experience has brought clarity to the emotional connection I have with alcohol. While the future is uncertain, my commitment to exploring a life without alcohol remains strong.

Reflections and Moving Forward

Looking back, my relationship with alcohol is a complex tapestry woven from experiences, beliefs, and choices. From my upbringing and family history to my own encounters, every step has contributed to my current challenge. Yet, this journey is also filled with self-discovery and learning.

As I navigate this challenge, my message to my younger self and others facing similar battles is one of self-acceptance and love. Recognizing and addressing our deepest struggles with alcohol, especially when it affects our families, is a courageous step toward healing.

alcohol addiction in the family quote - I love who I am. I honor who I am. My old self never left. My old self is yesterday, today and tomorrow.

The Path Ahead

The road to healing my relationship with alcohol is unclear, but I am dedicated to this journey of self-discovery. The awareness of my emotional dependence, despite the absence of severe physical consequences, has been a powerful motivator. As I move forward, I embrace the possibilities of growth and change, hopeful about what lies ahead.

Facing Alcohol Addiction in the Family

Confronting alcohol addiction in the family is a deeply personal challenge. By sharing our stories and experiences, we can find strength and inspiration. Whether it’s through Annie Grace’s programs or other support systems, the journey toward understanding and healing is not one we have to walk alone.

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